back to article Led Zeppelin reunion opens with Communication Breakdown

The clamour for tickets for Led Zeppelin's reunion gig at the O2 in London in November has overloaded the registration website, frustrating thousands. It's been down all morning and at time of writing we can't access the site. Organisers are appealing for patience and say fans have until midday on Monday to be in with a shot …


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  1. Tim Croydon

    That's the pre-registration address. It took me many attempts (not quite 20 million though) to get to the pre-reg page ( and many more until I could actually submit the form.

    Incidentally, looking at the WHOIS entry for the site points at an individual in Barnet. Surely they're not running the site off some bloke's home PC?! I was tempted to call his mobile (also on WHOIS) to find out what's going on!

  2. Cameron Colley

    So, I suppose you could say...

    ...the site went down like a Lead Zeppelin?

    I'll get my coat.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Truth in Advertising

    The time has come for a "truth in advertising" law to apply to musicians and bands. I am tired of hearing ads for 60s and 70s era bands that use the original recorded material instead of what they sound like now.

    Almost all of the bands (even the Stones) don't sound anything like they did at their prime. And even more of a joke are the lesser band members who revive the group and try to pass themselves off as the original lead singer.

    The simple solution - prohibit the bands from using any recorded material in their advertisements that is more than say 4 years old. Make them use the material as they now play it, not the way it was. Then we can make the decision whether to attend or be content with with our memories of what it once sounded like...

  4. George McIntosh

    RE: truth in advertising

    Not all bands are in a constant tour-record schedule. 'Zep haven't released any new material for longer than 4 years, so presumably their adverts have to be silent. And how can you tell from a recording what a band will be like live? In my experience - hundreds of gigs - you can't. Maybe the TV Karaoke brigade sound *suspiciously* like their recordings when playing live, real musicians follow a somewhat different pattern

    I managed to get meself entered on the site this morning, btw

  5. Chris

    If it's so in-demand, why only one show?

    So here we have people willing to shell out a lot of cash to see this concert. Twenty million people, if the numbers are accurate. The profits are going to fund scholarships. Am I the only one who thinks it would be better to have multiple concerts? That way more people can see the show, and more money would be raised for the scholarships.

  6. b166er

    @anon coward

    Page and Plant have both done credible 'joint' and solo albums fairly recently and old rockers 'The Who' were outstanding at Live8. However, that is entirely besides the point. Led Zeppelin are the cornerstones of any nutritious musical breakfast and could play well with their eyes shut in zimmer frames. They might not be throwing tele's out of windows or riding motorcycles through hotel corridors or even practising the occult up St. Anne's Hill anymore, but they are legends and I can only hope that my 6am registration is a lucky one.

    Maybe you were lucky enough to see these bands live when they were in their prime, I have been lucky enough to see Page & Plant at Glastonbury, The Who and Pink Floyd at Live8 and Pink Floyd at Earls Court and I relished every minute....If only they could dig up Hendrix!

  7. b166er

    Communication Breakdown

    People in glass houses ;)

    Anyone else get long page waits while 'doubleclick' tries to serve pages to El Reg?

    I know this is lazy, but isn there a way to tell firefox to ignore certain sites?

  8. Ken Lord

    Domain is Down

    As of about 8:45am (pacific coast Canada), The Server or Domain has gone from being too busy ... to being entirely down.

    Server not found

    Firefox can't find the server at

    I think I may have pre-registered ... after re-submitting the form many times and finally getting a 'Done' status bar message instead of 'Timed Out', but i didn't successfully load any confirmation page despite continuing to submit it for another 15 minutes.

    Hopefully an email is on it's way.

  9. Fluffykins Silver badge

    @Truth in Advertising

    So that's most classical performances buggered then?

    And where's the Paris Hilton angle. Will she be onstage?

  10. Hein Kruger


    "I know this is lazy, but isn there a way to tell firefox to ignore certain sites?"

    it's called Adblock Plus


  11. b166er

    Ken & Hein

    Ken, no e-mail yet!

    Hein, ta much, downloading ;)

  12. steve lampros

    even if they just stood on stage . . . .and smoked a fat 1 . . .

    . . . . . i'd want to be there.

    I really wish people would distinguish zep with other bands, as they should. there was no other band like them or since them. bah the stones [geriatic geezers] BFD the who [can we have just ONE MORE FAREWELL TOUR?] crikey!

    Zep was true to their word, way back when, they couldn't continue without all of them. i remember Pearl Jam saying if 1 more fan dies at 1 of their concerts, they'll stop performing live . . . .yeah well, that didn't seem to work out now did it?

    now where do i sell my left nut, to get a ticket?

  13. edge_e

    Also @b166er

    you could also try noscript

  14. Morely Dotes

    @ b166er

    Not just Firefox - your whole computer can ignore unwanted sites:

    First, go to and install a new HOSTS file (this works on Windows, Mac, Linux, OS/2, and pretty much anything else using TPC/IP).

    After that, any time you see an annoying page or add, simply append the server's name at the end of the HOSTS file with the IP address in front of it, for example:

    If you happen to have your own Web server you could substitute its IP for but unless it's on your local area network, that will be slower than the default IP provided.

    In case anyone is interested, is the "loopback" address; it always means "this computer, right here" no matter which computer you happen to be on.

  15. maureen reid

    led zep concert

    Since they have made the first step with this concert surely given the demand for tickets they should play other cities in the uk. My husband is desperate to see them again and I dont want him to miss out. He's getting old!!! And I want to go with him. We've tied all day for tickets, or at least the lottery for tickets. I really admire them for doing this concert. M

  16. Michael Greenhill

    Re: Truth in Advertising

    What a load of crock.

    Bands like Slayer have not changed their music style in the 20+ years they've been together. The only thing that's really changed is the recording quality.

    What about Iron Maiden's latest tour? The whole point of the tour is to play songs from the 80s that fans haven't heard live in 15-20 years. Do you think they'd put music from their latest album on the advertising? Hell no. They'd want to emphasise the point that they're playing _old_ music.

  17. John

    Ho hum, after all these years...

    ....the song remains the same!

    [hat, coat, gone...]

  18. Andrew Webster

    Confirmation Email

    Just to make matters worse the confirmation email address is'd have thought they would have spent some of the £2.8m + this will generate on getting somebody decent in to do the website!

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