back to article Is there a good HTPC remote control out there?

Hopefully you all can shed some light on this very dark subject: are there any decent Home Theatre PC (HTPC) remotes out there? Are the Logitech Harmony ones any good with Windows Media Center Edition (MCE)? What I'm really looking for is a universal remote - for the TV, speakers, etc - combined with a Bluetooth remote for …


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  1. Matt

    I've used the 895

    but not on Windows MCE yet - very good design and setup tools, very customizable, works perfectly with every device i've used it on so far (big brand stuff). Your only other option is likely to be the Phillips Pronto range.

  2. Joe Pemberton

    Logitec 525

    Going off subject for a bit, I have tried a number of "universal" remotes [including Kameleon's] but the only one that did the job perfectly was the Logitech and yes, it works perfectly with an HTPC. Most HTPC software will allow itself to be controlled by a Microsoft MCE remote. Most "universal" remotes cannot clone an MCE because it uses a different IR code for a subsequent press of the same key.

    I think the main difference between this and other remotes is the ease of setup and ease of use. It is possible to have the Logitech up and running with all of your devices in 10 mins without reading the manual. Customisation is possible to the nth degree. If you are going to do this I would recommend getting rid of the wife and kids on a Sunday afternoon before settling down to some serious tweaking...

    The 525 is the bottom of the range and met my needs perfectly.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Philips SRM5100 Vista Universal Remote & Receiver

    Take a look at the Philips SRM5100 Vista Universal Remote & Receiver for a cheaper option, about £25 for a Vista MCE Universal Remote. Works with PC, TV, STB and Amp.

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