back to article Ad agency pays Paddington to ditch marmalade for Marmite

The commercial assault on our childhoods continues with the shocking news that Paddington Bear is ditching his marmalade sandwiches in favour of Marmite, otherwise known as the Devil’s personal lubricant. According to The Guardian, the peripatetic duffle coat-wearer will decide it’s time to “try something different”. Instead of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Marmite my mate

    Marmite is Gods blessing, only those weak of taste buds can perceive it otherwise. My one mission in life is to make sure every American I meet tries it at least once, its great to see the look on their faces. If they insist on putting peanut fricking butter on everything in sight then I will retaliate with Marmite.


  2. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    An unbiased observer...

    ...might get the impression that you don't like the angel's food that is Marmite (Hosannahs!)

    Say it ain't so, Joe!

  3. Steve Evans


    I might be going out on a bit of a limb here, but should I put you on the "Hate it" list then?

  4. Craig Peters


    Will advertising executives please stop killing my childhood!

  5. Ben Naylor

    More one sided journalism! :)

    typical anti-marmite journo!

    /me scoops a load straight of the jar with his finger.

    (and i'm a big Paddington and marmalade fan too)


  6. Ash

    Your Best non-Story yet...

    In fact, the only one I enjoyed.

    I always hated Paddington as a child; I much prefered Centurions and M.A.S.K.

    Off to read that Stealth-Wing for Special Forces story...

  7. Greg

    Re: Ash

    Hahaha, that Gryphon wing reminded me of the Centurions too. :-)


  8. Cap'n wotsit

    poor Joe

    so Joe is a hater. I pity you.

    Marmite is a gift from the gods.

    and also just to say, read this twice, and still struggling to see the tech angle.

    - unless it's the fact all true techies live off caffiene, marmite on toast and the odd jar of ale......

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But where is the IT angle?

    Not to mention the complete lack of Paris Hilton and iPhone related news in this article.

    Disgusted, Tonbridge Wells

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'policeman being hit with a watermelon'

    the ad ends on an uplifting note with Paddington being shot dead by the Met as a terrorist threat.

  11. Cameron Colley

    Serves all you Marmite fanciers right!

    If you didn't buy from M$rmit$ and, instead, bought Bovril you'd not be affected by this kind of advertising.

    Bovril and Vegemite users are completely safe from this -- and I think it's the duty of El Reg to point this out!

  12. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    @But where is the IT angle?

    "Not to mention the complete lack of Paris Hilton and iPhone related news in this article."

    Honestly, did you not see those two combined in an orgy of vegetable versus meat product from the phrase "...otherwise known as the Devil’s personal lubricant"?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why Why Why .... marmite

    caffeine, ale ... for sure ..

    Marmite ... </loud puking noise>

    Maybe a follow on feature where the Stretham clothes horse lobs an iPhone at Paris Hilton only to miss by a gnats chuff ... (0.0008 of a gf) and hit Paddington who is chewing a marmite sandwich thereby causing him to choke and die gasping and gurgling on the black sludge that is marmite.

  14. Dave


    Nice to see someone else also trying to feed Marmite to Americans, we used to travel with several small jars of it when touring the US. I even saw some for sale over there once, I was most surprised.

  15. Peter


    Chese and Marmite sarnies?, drool!

  16. Chris

    Marmite ... Marmalade...

    I quite like marmite. And Marmalade. I sometimes get a compulsion to put marmite on one slice of bread/toast, and marmalade on the other and slap them together... it's like sweet and sour sauce in a sandwich :D

  17. Tim

    Flame wars

    Never mind Mac vs. PC or Windows vs. Linux - this is the ur-debate, the Holy War as bitter and darkly terrifying as the very Black Gold at its heart. Never spoken of directly, it can be referred to only through innuendo, like a gooey Lord Voldermort.

    How I love Marmite.

    (@Mike Richards: well, he is South American.)

  18. Kane Silver badge

    The Next Best Thing To Sliced Bread?

    Squeezy Marmite!

    Oh yes. No need to worry about getting that last little bit out of the jar, just leave it for five minutes standing on it's lid, then grab a spoon and twist the lid off. All that yummy gooey greatness will fall onto your waiting cutlery.

    Pure heaven-sent deliciousness!! (I don't care if it's not a real word, if enough people use it often enough, it will be!)

  19. Andy Barber

    @ Efros

    As an ex-vegetarian I must say that crunchy peanut butter AND Marmite in Granary bread is just heaven!


  20. Andy Barber

    @ Paul Crawford

    Peanut butter & Marmite are both Vegetarian!

  21. DaveK

    Sad fanbois...

    .... I thought Apple had cornered the market, but no! Look at all the gimps memorising and then mindlessly parroting the strapline from Marmite's recent advertising campaign.

    "Hey! Look at me! I'll demonstrate my quirkiness and individuality by... oh.... I dunno, how about by identifying myself with a mass-manufactured consumer item and repeating something they told me to say in their ads".

    Sad, sad people. You are all SOooo pWn3d!

  22. Brett Brennan

    It requires training...

    I was once visiting with s South African professor while on a project, and went to his home for dinner. While waiting for the food to cook, he offered up some Marmite and crackers, which, being the adventurous kind of guy that I am, I tried. It was, well, difficult but ultimately doable.

    In a toddler seat in the kitchen was his new (1 year old) son, who was just starting on solid foods. My host dipped a bit of Marmite and rubbed it on the child's lips and gums, against head-shaking, arm-flailing protests. But the kid did manage to swallow a few licks.

    I asked him what he was about with his son. His reply "This is how we all learned to love Marmite as children".

    So another mystery explained.

  23. Cliff

    Marmite AND Marmalade

    In common with Chris (and apparently nobody else in the world), I adore Marmite and Marmalade mix - it's fantastic when your stomach is complaining of too much saltiness but you want a Marmite hit (with a twist).

  24. heystoopid

    Poor Paddington

    Poor little Paddington Bear.

    Down under in Oz , they have a secret weapon called "Vegemite" which is Marmite on steroids , and it is so infamous , that a bunch of Kiwi singers called by the unlikely title "Men At Work" used it to promote their one hit wonder song "Down Under" (it goes to show all Kiwi's just want to live in Oz ! , with one in five in permanent residence already)

    You can see all the Oz expatriates line up to clean out all the local UK supermarkets that stock the brand , as soon as it arrives from down under !

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeast Extract Fan Boi

    ...if it ends in "...mite" then it is GOOD!






  26. Danny Traynor

    Men at work...

    were actually an Australian band, not Kiwi, oh, and Colin Hay the lead singer was Scottish.

    Traveling in a fried-out combie..

    On a hippie trail, head full of zombie...


  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What has the world come to?

    First Windy Miller sells out and now Paddington Bear. And to sell the Devil's produce of all things. Do none of our childhood figures have any integrity left?

  28. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    @Andy Barber

    The 'meat product' I was refering to was Paris Hilton :)

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Yeast Extract Fan Boi

    > ...if it ends in "...mite" then it is GOOD!

    Termite? Sodomite? NOT good. Whatever happened to Virol though...?

  30. David S

    Marmite good...

    ...but I prefer bovril. Especially since they went back to making it out of cow.

    Returning to the point (as I saw it) of the story: I'd rather the ad-men didn't screw with the classics, but hey. Paddington and his marmalade sandwiches will still be around long after this ad campaign is long gone.

  31. Anthony Hulse


    Take marmite and remove all the nice bits from the taste and you get that bland Aussie stuff. Bleurgh!

    Thanks for the posters above for the marmalade and Marmite combo idea. That's got to be worth a go :-)

  32. Mr Larrington


    Marmite is a Work of Stan.

    That is all.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Clash of two worlds

    I admit. Even though I'm a working class mid-twenties male, I like Paddington Bear.

    I also happen to enjoy Marmite, a lot (from licking spoons dipped into Marmite jars, to mixing it with porridge, to spreading it on bread and then topping it with sweetened condensed milk).

    The notion of Paddington liking Marmite, tho, need some time to register on me.

    ** heads over to youtube and tries searching for the ad **

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Find me a shop!

    ... crunchy peanut butter AND Marmite in Granary bread is just heaven! - Andy Barber

    I must find a store immediately and try this somewhat bizzarre combination! Let's face it, anything that can kill off the revolting taste of peanut butter can't be all bad and I love Marmite to start with :)

    And before anyone posts, yes I know I could just try it without the peanut butter, but then how could I justify feeling ill and get the afternoon off work?

  35. Matthew

    The work of Stan?

    Did Stan invent it then?

    Marmite is good but Bovril beats it hands down. Meat=good.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Marmite V Bovril

    No contest, Bovril is for those sad sacks who can't handle the real stuff! As for the combo of peanut butter and Marmite, I must investigate, the only way I can stomach peanut butter is with salt on it so.... Vegemite I'm afraid comes a poor third along with neat OXO cubes.


  37. Steve Evans


    I don't mind admitting I'm a Marmite fanboy, but please don't tar us with the same brush as the Apple fanbois.

    1) When was the last time you saw queue for a new version of Marmite?

    2) When was the last time a new version of marmite dropped it's price 40% just after it had been released?

    3) When was the last time marmite cost 5 times more than superior, more available spreads?

    4) When was the last time you had to send a jar of marmite back to the factory as you're not permitted to take the lid off your own jar?


    I rest my case... Now I'm off for a marmite and frostie sandwich.

  38. Jim

    @Steve Evans

    So your case is?

    Appears to me that if the word fanboy (or whatever l33t derivative) is mentioned then Apple must be sh!te.

    1. Apple kit is no worse nor *significantly* more expensive than its direct competitors. It is also not a paradigm shift.

    2. Marmite tastes like salty vomit (though still tastes better than Vegemite).

  39. jon green


    Paddington eats marmalade sandwiches = fact.

    He only eats Marmite if usa peeps won WWII (they didn't CCCP peeps did)

    As for marmite....... its a brilliant way to dispose of chemical waste. No really.

  40. Rhys


    Yum... Have you tried Marmite and Chips (Crisps) sandwiches? Nice :D

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