back to article The mole people surface in Macau

Fly the friendly skies Is there really any way to endure an intercontinental flight to Macau, other than to get tanked? Fortunately, I didn't have to answer that question - a friend recently had surgery to repair a torn meniscus, and had painkillers to spare. One oblong white pill stamped M367 washed down with a couple of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who are Singapore Air, and where can you fly them?

    Didn't bother beyond the second paragraph ... the reporter is obviously terminally inaccurate.

    Patrick Smith tends to whine a bit, but he has a point:

  2. Nick Leverton

    @fly them

    You made a good choice, the only IT angle here is about two lines in the second paragraph. I still don't know why I wasted my time reading this - and I normally do follow the IT gambling stuff with a horrified fascination ...

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