back to article iPhone software-unlocked, easy-to-use tool to follow

Calling all iPhone owners. The first free easy to use - well, relatively easy to use - software to unlock your Apple handset has arrived, mere hours after a rather more tortuous process. Well, almost. It's not quite ready for release, but folk who have seen it claim it does the business. As it stands, to unlock your iPhone …


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  1. Jason Togneri

    Unix-based subsystem and apps?

    Yes, I can just see somebody hosting this lot elsewhere, only with their own little 'modifications' included...

  2. Jim Cosser

    April 1st?

    The software is called iBrickr? Seriously?

  3. Thomas Martin

    Why not automation?

    Why cannot the maker of the unlocking software provide an automated batch file to do all the steps?

  4. Tom Silver badge

    Null Technology

    A bit pointless - I thought the idea of buying things like this was to show you didnt care about money and quite liked the idea of being locked in to one supplier. Gives you more time to gloat pointlessly.

  5. Walter Brown


    the link to this alleged iCrack is dead... maybe this author has been smokin too much iCrack, again

  6. Jim



    No, the idea is to have the latest 'cool' device cos that means something (allegedly). Please stop flogging the "Apple kit is really expensive" dead horse. It has been demonstrated that the 2 year cost of the iPhone/AT&T contract is comparable with other handset/network deals, even at the original handset cost.

    @Walter Brown

    Worked fine for me... maybe you should find something more amusing than just putting i in front of everything. You might even be funny.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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