back to article HP shrinks BladeSystem for mid-market

The mid-market push has definitely been heating up for tech vendors in recent weeks. We've already seen Dell, IBM and Hitachi touting their simplified server and storage lines with SMB-aimed gear, and frankly, we're starting to recite the hard sell for companies with limited budgets and expertise in our sleep. Now Hewlett- …


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  1. Johan Struwwelpeter


    and what's the processor ?

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Looks like it takes the standard blades to me....

    So the same Xeon, Opteron or Itanium2 blades as the bigger enclosure, and it takes the virtual connect blades at the back just like the bigger enclosure. I had a read through the QuickSpecs at;

    just to see if there's a catch but I can't find one!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The 'processor' is whichever is fitted to whichever and however many of the blade servers themselves

    so from zero to 8 x dual-proc quad-core 3.0Ghz Xeons or 4 x quad-proc quad-core Xeons and a range of options inbetween.

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