back to article Dell's 'Veso' appliance runs on four-core Opterons and thin VMware

The mysterious Dell virtualization server appliance – code-named Veso – will ship at the end of November, leading the charge for systems with embedded hypervisors. VMware CEO Diane Greene and Dell CMO Mark Jarvis revealed technical details about Veso during a speech today at the VMworld conference. The Veso box will ship as a …


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  1. Robin Turvey

    VMware - a true leader where others would love to follow

    <<To get the light version of ESX, VMware did little more than strip out the close-to-2GB service console that's part of the core ESX Server product.>>

    You have to love the register with its throw away comments. Clearly it was a trivial exercise to build a hypervisor with the features and quality that VMware have with ESX - and clearly it was also trivial to create a embedded hypervisor.

    It's a wonder eveyone on the world doesn't do it - oh hang on - *slaps forehead* - It's actually pretty hard... that'll be why...

    We aren't talking about just slapping a USB stick in the side and booting Linux with Xen here - this is a whole new category of hypervisor - the folks at VMware continue to amaze

  2. Mike

    USB Slappers

    "We aren't talking about just slapping a USB stick in the side and booting Linux with Xen here"

    No, they're talking about slapping a USB stick INSIDE and booting VMware.

  3. sephiroth4

    Not necessarily....

    Resources still pale in comparison to os virtualization which is what we will be using instead of behemoth hypervisor hogs. Yes you are limited to one OS, but some corps cannot afford otherwise. With Windows Datacenter offering unlimited instances of VMs, it's a very appealing offer.

  4. Daniel Gould

    Quad-core demo - hmmm, why did it say dual-core then, Diane ?

    In the demo yesterday, Diane and Mark made a big deal of this server being the first shipping AMD dual-socket quad-core. However, I wasn't the only one to notice the bios startup screen stating 2 x dual-core processors !! Oops.

  5. Daniel Jones


    If the console OS is gone, why do I see BusyBox info during boot?

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