back to article Sony rolls out roll-along music player

Is Sony's new portable music playar an attempt to cash in on the Rugby World Cup? With its ovoid shape, the Rolly certainly has a football feel, but instead of air, this ball packs in an MP3 player, funky coloured lights and a pair of loudspeakers. And it moves. Sony Rolly Sony's Rolly: palm sized music player The palm- …


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  1. V.B.N.

    How much??

    £173 for a 1GB 'mp3' player?? You are having a laugh!!

    And I thought the iPod was overpriced!!!

  2. Brian


    What exactly is the point of this item, i mean if i want to go to the gym and listen to music i want my music player to stay still and not dance about. it just an overpriced with next to no memory. its a joke!!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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