back to article IT shouldn't cop all the blame for wrecking environment

The IT industry is in danger of becoming an unnecessary apologist for environmental woes caused by the equipment it sells. While there is certainly room for improvement in the way IT procurement and infrastructure is managed, this must not be overshadowed by the more positive aspects that good use of IT can make to the overall …


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  1. Lewis


    no no what we really need is the latest greatest supercomputer sucking hundreds of watts to run the latest greatest desktop eye candy and tasks of computational complexity easily solved by a typewriter.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Did you by any chance check out the conversion factor of Horsepower to Watts when you got in your SUV this morning?

    As I see it 1 KW = 1.34 horsepower.

    Hmmmmm, let me see how your 250 bhp SUV works out the other way ;)

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