back to article Seagate targets sensitive customers with encrypted HDDs

Hard disk drive (HDD) giant Seagate Technology is to start flogging HDDs with built-in encryption chips in an attempt to secure sensitive data on home PCs. The firm said that, given the explosion in sales devices that hold digital content within the consumer market, securing stored data was becoming an increasingly important …


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  1. John Ridley

    Where's the trust?

    Unless they open-source the firmware and it's analyzed by cryptologists, it can't be trusted.

    No encryption with closed source should be trusted. If it were actually good encryption, they'd be happy to have everyone look at the source and bolster their image as secure. If they keep it secret, the obvious assumption is that it's not very good and they want to keep that a secret.

    Better to use Truecrypt - Open source and not cracked yet.

  2. Andy Jones

    PC Platform?

    I take it them mean Windows when they say PC platform? I've never known a 'secure' product that works with Linux out of the box.

  3. Jim

    Trust Seagate?

    Sorry to put the boot in but I have experienced quite a few Seagate based hardware failures of late.

    Can't trust them with ordinary data let alone anything important.

    Do I sound too burned?

  4. Alan Donaly

    I have gotten away from

    Using seagate drives I have a couple of largish WD drives and I like them better I have had good seagates and very bad ones it seems like they have trouble with QA good design great when they work but you take your chances and there is really no way to know till it dies suddenly.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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