back to article Master crim leaves vital clue at scene of burglary

An 18-year-old burglar spectacularly avoided elevation to the league of master criminals by writing "Peter Addison was here!" at the scene of a break-in, the Sun reports. Addison and Mark Ridgeway, 18, both subsequently admitted burglary at Macclesfield magistrates' court after a short police investigation into the raid on …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    No need to add his to the database, is there?

  2. Paul C. Hartley

    I'm Surpised...

    Im suprised his mate didnt video it on his mobile and post it on you tube too.

  3. Nick

    Who's going to pay for the rest of the damage?

    Caused damage totalling £2,175

    Each ordered to pay £750 compensation

    By my reckoning, that leaves £675 worth of damage for someone else to pay for.

  4. Richard

    What about the rest?

    2 x £750 = £1500, leaving the TocH people £675 in the red.

    Who thinks up these fines, not that these numpties will ever pay a penny of their dues.

  5. Ralph B

    Could be worse

    At least he didn't post a video of himself trashing the place on YouTube.

  6. John Bayly

    In the words of Bugs Bunny...

    ... What a maroon.

    Although, from an educational point of view, at least he was able to write his own name.

    And on a complete tangent, can you please add an option to remember our session so that we can add snide comments easily.

  7. CharleyBoy


    So they cause £2,175 worth of damage and the courts make them pay back £1,500 between them (eventually - maybe, no doubt). Is it just me that thinks that is just wrong?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Justice.....I think not

    So where's the justice? 2 x 750 doesn't add up to £2175 and they haven't been locked up or part of the clean up operation. All that has happened here is that a couple of stupid Chav burglars have been given a remedial lesson in their trade and a slap on the wrist. Next time they will be harder to track down.

  9. Justin Case

    Good to see justice working... not

    Over £2k worth of damage and only £1500 compensation ordered. Why do we bother?

  10. Paul


    They do £2100 worth of damage, and pay back £1500? Im not one for ranting about being to soft on criminals, but that is just dum. It should be twice that, for the damage, and cost of man hours to clean up.

  11. Frank Bough

    Just a Thought

    Maybe El Reg could hire this genius to write stories on Apple products, he could hardly do a worse job than you're doing now.

  12. Steve

    Oh my dear lord...

    I live in Reddish, which is right next to Heaton Mersey, I knew the kids round here aren't the brightest (I'm 6'2", and have a passing resemblance to an out house, a silly little buerk who was barely five foot, and must have been related to a rake, tried to mug me, he didn't get anything...) but I didn't think that a) they'd stoop so low, and b) that they were so bloody thick...

    It's a good job me and the missus are already formulating an escape plan. :)

  13. Neil Barnes Silver badge


    It's not a question of adding his DNA to the database; it's more one of removing it from the gene pool. This idiot's too stupid to breed; I'm surprised he's remembered to breathe.

  14. Lewa


    Just sometimes, I wish they'd bring back public humiliation as a form of punishment. Stick the fools in the stocks for people to laugh at. Anyone feel like starting a petition?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    He's getting rather old, but he's a good mouse

    Perhaps he could have written "Pete A. Toc H" and, when caught, he could claim it was part of some Pink Floyd-inspired enigma quest.

  16. Luke Wells

    £675 fine discrepancy? Thats nothing

    In Blackpool, they spent £1.1million building a new community centre. Shortly after it opened, some kids set it on fire, completly destroying it. It has remained a gutted ruin now for a long time.

    I can't remember the exact figures (I would have to look it up) but I think 3 kids parents were fined £100 after the kids were found guilty.

    So thats £1,099,700 that has to be found somewhere else.

  17. George Johnson


    "Never underestimate the ingenuity of a fool."

  18. Ross


    I couldn't agree more. Public humiliation is worth so much more than fines, which they'll pay back at around £1 a week if at all.

    Just a pity that whilst it seems ok to kidnap ppl, ship them off to Poland and electrocute them until they confess on the grounds that they share the same birthday as some guy that once bought some hair bleach for his wife, public humiliation is considered a breach of your human rights.


    One can only hope that next time they'll try to steal an 11KV transformer. In the rain.

  19. Graham Marsden

    So why not...

    ... Just sentence them to a) clean up their mess and b) help redecorate the place.

    Not only will the Centre benefit, they might actually learn a useful skill that they can use in the future instead of imposing a meaningless fine they they'll either pay back at £5 a week or just ignore.

  20. Jerome

    Dim as a...

    Toc H lamp.

  21. Andrew Moore

    Toc H

    Pow R

  22. Dave

    Mandatory sterilization

    People this dumb need it.

  23. Robert


    They have been fined. This money does not go to toc h. It goes to a secret donut fund. Toc h still has to find all the money.

  24. Ian Ferguson


    Hopefully the place is insured... I doubt the fine would go straight to them anyway.

  25. Graham Lockley

    Oh my

    'The gene pool needs a little chlorine'

    I really cant add to that, shame the Darwin Awards are only open to deceased nominations, maybe we could press for a rule change to include 'mentally deceased' ?

  26. Aubry Thonon


    Based on the fines and the slap on the wrist, I'm guessing they were tried as Juveniles?

    In which case, I believe the parents should be sued for the money. If the kids are still considered too young to think for themselves that they are still under supervision frmo a guardian (which is, as far as I'm concerned, the definition of a Juvenile), then said Guardian should be held accountable for the actions of their charges.

    Yes, it means that for a while there will be a few parents paying horrible fees and spending time in jail... but maybe, *maybe*, it will force these parents to take an interest in *actually* raising their kids.

  27. the Jim bloke

    so instead of a DNA database

    .. they just give everyone in the UK a black marker pen

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At least he didn't....

    ....frame poor old "Foo".

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It was the perfect double bluff... it's a crime they got caught... best regards Sherlock Holmes...

  30. M. Poolman

    The lunatic

    ... was on the grass ?

  31. D Stewart

    Big deal

    There were three of them. Addison and Ridgeway are paying 1/3 each of the *compensation* bill. So it is a fair fine and seems to be going to the right place. They also have costs to pay, and Ridgeway has 60 hrs community punishment. Hey, that might even be something creative to do with helping people. You never know your luck.

    The 3rd kid is 16, can't be revealed, and maybe, just maybe, his share of the compensation is coming from his quarter but also can't be revealed. Something to do with privacy I think?

    Addison has learning difficulties and dyspraxia and they were drunk. So maybe it is not the crime of the century, or on the scale of the various govt activities we forgive at the drop of a Hollywood expose, but just a teen prank gone awry in the hands of some lower than average IQ lads.

    Maybe we could find some serious crims to lock up; instead of voting for them.

    (Some points gleaned from


  32. Dennis

    Village Idiot

    I think we should be told ....

    .... which village allowed their idiot to wander off.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    i had to register to comment this.

    i live locally to this, and as a member of the scouts a few years ago we did a large amount of community service working at the toc H site, we completely refurbished the place, cleared land repainted and repaired damaged buildings, and did a lot of work to make it what it was, so i'm pretty pissed at what they did.

    i know one of the guys as he went to my school, and believe me he really is not the brightest spark.

    now this i know won't have made it into the news, but just this friday, i heard a massive amount of shouting and screaming coming from a community centre, previously a toc H just like the one in addlington, which is located just behind my house.

    when myself and a number of others went around to see what was going on, we found, both Mark Ridgeway and Peter Addison with a small group of others, and two large sports bags of alchopops and lager.

    one of the others was in a drunken rage swinging a fencepost at a girl and two others ran when we arrived. the situation was calmed down and the police were called.

    the two boys mentioned here, who were clearly already in trouble with the police just stood watching and laughing and carried on drinking. and didnt leave untill they went to look for their drunken friend who had since run away.

    when we went to look at the community centre, they had smashed windows and taken chairs outside to sit by the pond and drink, there were empty cans and broken glass everywhere.

    the police didnt show for at least an hour and a half. we passed on their details and even showed them the photographs of the two guys straight off the daily mail's website.

    the really sad thing is, that with no real evidence they'll probably get away with it.

  34. Stephen Gray

    Guaranteed cure

    I have a Transit van with a side loading door, I like to pull up alongside these kinda tossers, my associates open said door with welcoming balaclavas on and "educate" them on the power of the people to resolve anti-social issues... LOL

  35. Edward Pearson

    Re: What about the rest?

    OK. what these boys have done is mindless, stupid and unquestionably something that should be punished but you've obviously not thought this through in great detail.

    To charge these boys (who by the sound of it attended the center for under privilaged kids) over 1,000 pounds each would probably end up with the centre getting nothing, the kids wouldn't (be able to) pay, and would eventually end up doing a 6 month stretch inside. By telling them to pay £750, a much more reasonable figure, the centre will hopefully get at least some of their money back.

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