back to article Zune price slashed to under $200

Microsoft has cut the price of its Zune 30GB wireless portable media player by $50 (£25/€38) in the US. The announcement came a day before Apple is expected to announce revamped iPods and iPod Nanos. Microsoft Zune MP3 player group shot MS' Zune: not yet the consumers' fave The Microsoft announcement appeared on the Zune …


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  1. Dave


    That's even LESS money I won't be spending on DRM-infected hardware!

    I'm so excited!

  2. Rob McDougall

    Nothing to do...

    ...with the iPod announcement due later today, then...

  3. Simon Robins

    Microsoft Exchange Rate

    Blimey! I didn't realize that Microsoft had their own Euro & Pound Stirling exchange rate! What next? A monopoly on desktop operating system?

    Or maybe Bill's mate Gordon doesn't charge them VAT.

  4. Paul

    Zune 1.5

    If MS really wants to jumpstart the Zune market, they should release an iPod accessory that adds wireless sharing between Zunes and iPods. Spread the Social(tm)!

    That's one of Zune's differentiating features - if they show iPod owners how cool a $40 add-on can make their iPod, it's a viral device to get iPod owners to take another look at Zune proper. If they sell it at a *slight* profit, they may even find their iPod aftermarket device is more profitable than the Zune itself... but it's a win-win situation either way.

    I'm an iPod owner, but those Zunes *do* have great screens, and I like those gummy cases... if only they were comptaible with my 800 CDs all converted into Apple Lossless and kept on my RAID 5 array... *sigh*

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  6. Henry

    @Microsoft Exchange Rate

    Actually, I was more interested in MS's USD > EUR rate:

    A quick check on

    USD 200 = GBP 98.97

    USD 200 = EUR 146.45

    It looks like we are getting a fair deal (for once), but Johnny Frenchman et al. are getting a better deal than Hank Fatburger....


  7. Christine

    But someone think of the early adopters!

    I bet all six of the people who bought a Zune last month wil be pissed!

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