back to article Pee-powered battery unveiled

The trouble with batteries is that there never seems to be a power socket in sight when you want to charge them up. Thankfully, one manufacturer has developed a battery that should be slightly easier to recharge, thanks to its ability to run off a variety of liquids, including water and urine. Dubbed NoPoPo, the battery has …


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  1. s


    Sounds like this battery is going to have piss poor performance.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "NoPoPo"... o_O If they release it over here... not sure that's the name I'd market it with.... then again we do have the Wii....

  3. Ryan

    Come on, El Reg

    Surely the headline should have been:

    "New batteries take the piss"

  4. Richard

    Will the final range include

    a PP3?

  5. EvilFairy

    toilet humour

    so you put your NoPoPo (charged with wee) in your Wii

    next they'll be releasing boogrool a bag to keep them in that's also flushable...

  6. Ralph B


    Wasn't it General Melchett who warned us to never pooh-pooh a NoPoPo?

  7. James

    Not much use

    500mAh is pathetic, I can't think of any application I'd use these cells in. Currently I have 2600mAh NiMH rechargeables and they have acceptable life in GPS receivers and digicams. 20% of the lifespan just so I can recharge it by peeing on it? No thanks, I'll just plan a bit ahead and keep spare, charged NiMH cells with me.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And if you need more power -

    -pee on a railway line (third rail systems only).

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    500mAh is truly not enough, but maybe that'll improve. Does it take much time for the reaction to work, or can one just pop the AAs out, disappear for a minute and have them up & working again?

  10. Julian Cook

    At last

    In today’s world where everything seam to need AA or AAA we have been given a reason to go to the pub and drink more. No longer do i have to blame late running meetings or missed trains. From now on I can tell my wife that I am recharging my gadgets

  11. Rune Moberg

    Re: Not much use

    500mAh is based on regular pee. Some of us have hi-octane pee which I'm sure will make your 2600mAh NiMH puny in comparison!

  12. Clay Garland


    Judging by the name of the product, simply dropping a grogan on the battery, or popping it up the ol' fruit basket, and expecting a recharge is pie in the sky.

  13. Phil Standen


    Intentionally left blank

  14. Lee Richards


    Wee-chargeable batteries? Whatever next?

  15. shane fitzgerald


    I think the No Poo-Poo title is in fact a warning or warranty disclaimer. Since you can fill it with pee it might inspire the use of other fuel substitiutes. But by warning no-poo-poo this clearly indicates you must not squeeze a soft steamy log into it.

  16. Steven Foster


    It'll be funny when they leak in your new gadgets.

  17. vincent himpe


    I'm wondering if drinking a few extra strong Belgian or German beers before 'powering up' ( should that be 'peeing up' ?) the battery wouldn't give it some extra 'zest'. Maybe you'll be able to get 1000 mAh out of it. Talk about an alkaline battery ....

  18. vincent himpe

    accessories for the NoPoPo battery

    i can already envision a whole range of manufacturers that will come out with accessories for these batteries ... filling funnels... little battery diapers ( against leaking batteires ) waterpoof bags ...

    altjhough the biggest hit may be a clip on 'charging station' that attaches to baby's diaper ...

    No more : the diaper needs changing..... but rather :the batteries need changing......

  19. Mike Moyle

    A new cultural paradigm in the making...

    Those who feel the need to announce their temporary departure to their friends at the bar will finally be able to drop the archaic need to "see a man about a horse" and replace it with the more contemporary "need to go charge a battery".

  20. Matt

    Toyota Peeus?

    When yer mates get in, give them all a funnel and a bucket of water.

    You may be able to get from Manchester to London on electric only then.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    500mAh not entirely useless...

    One of those would last quite a while in an electric clock. Admittedly they're a bit old-school now, but they don't need much and the long shelf life would be a plus in that role if anyone still has one. I generally run clocks of that sort off 'flat' batteries rejected by hungrier devices.

    The idea of using human waste for a larger scale power plant appeals to me. The company I work for already uses effluent in place of software (my code excluded naturally :) ) and management strategy.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    An observation ...

    ... missed this in my first comment but I'm pondering the nature of the pipeline mentioned in the current Reg headline: "Better gadget battery-level readouts in pipeline." Maybe some kind of scent-based readout?

  23. Richard Scratcher

    PP3 or URN8?

    What about a sample powered pregnancy tester?

    Or a pacemaker topped up by a feed from the kidneys?

    Pee powered nappy alarms?

    Just some give you something to go on.

  24. John Goodwin

    I must have a piss-poor memory

    Move along, there's nothing to see here

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: 500mAh not entirely useless...

    > One of those would last quite a while in an electric clock.

    Let's not forget remote controls. I usually pop used batteries that come from my more power-hungry devices into them and they work fine for about two months or so. By then I'd already have more used batteries waiting.

  26. Pete


    Are we in the matrix now, or is this a contruct?

  27. Matty

    Console batteries....

    Pii-Wii? And can you recharge them with Mii-Pii?


    Getting sad insn't it...?

    Funny though! :0)

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