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Agile development, for some, means avoiding diagramming (whether for documentation or analysis and design) and just getting on with testing and coding. So goes the agile ethos: the source code is the finished product, more or less, so if the work you're doing doesn't contribute directly towards creation of source code, then it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If only the DB Designer worked

    This is all well and good for UML, when trying to use it for database design the tool losses foreign keys constraints all over the place.

  2. James Butler


    For those looking to dabble in UML, give the open source (BSD) ArgoUML a try. (UML v.1.4 support in this beta.)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    could be possible that this requirement is coming from EA storing it's stuff in a renamed MDB file and MDAC is not that popular under linux?

  4. Simon Parmenter

    An age-old criticism of design?

    "age-old criticism of UML (okay, one of them) that the diagrams become out-of-date as soon as you begin coding."

    It must be assumed that a developer or software engineer creating a UML diagram is designing. The end product of this activity is called a design. So what the criticism is really about is that the design becomes out of date as soon as someone starts coding.

    In my experience it is more that designs are just ignored if or when their existence comes to light. Why?

    1. The 'design' is just a drawing usually consisting of square boxes with lines joining them.

    2. The coder looking at the design just sees a drawing consisting of square boxes with lines joining them.

    3. etc

    And do not forget that a UML diagram can represent an analysis model as well as a design model.

    I have been using Enterprise Architect since 3.6. It's a very good quality product and I vote for it with my money. I do not use it for database design; for this I use relational theory and ER diagramming etc.

  5. Rob Baillie

    Producing a diagram is not the same as design...

    "It must be assumed that a developer or software engineer creating a UML diagram is designing"

    I disagree.. it must be assumed that a developer <<snip>> creating a UML diagram using a software tool is documenting a design decision.

    I've used a few design documentation tools in the past and I can say without exception they come nowhere near a pen and a piece of paper / whiteboard as a tool for designing.

    If you see a UML diagram as documenting a decision as was made at a point in time, then they still have good value. But I do tend to think a scan of a piece of paper is the most effective way of recording that decision.

    EA7 does sound promising though...

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