back to article SIS nixes OOXML approval

The Swedish Institute of Standards (SIS) has invalidated the vote that controversially approved the OOXML standard at a meeting this week. The organisation issued a statement saying that it had seen evidence suggesting one of the participants in the workgroup had broken the rules and voted with more than one vote. This …


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  1. Landreth

    SIS has burnt them self....

    It's quite interesting to see how SIS manage to make a totally mess of this ballot since it's an organisation that publish literature and other material regarding ISO and by that works with quality systems. They even have consultants to help companies with implementation, but they can clearly not count well enough!

    There is a partly translated press release here:

  2. Dave

    Superb! Well done SIS...

    ... for discovering a voting irregularity that provides with an opportunity to abstain with grace and a clear conscience at the ISO vote.

    This appalling incident should serve as a salutary lesson to all who value open standards - be ever vigilant, do not let any standard get hijacked by commercial self-interest

This topic is closed for new posts.

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