back to article Acer backs Blu-ray

Acer has thrown its weight behind the Blue-ray Disc to become the fifth big-name computer maker to back the next-gen optical disc format. It's launched a BD-equipped media centre PC to affirm its intentions. Acer Aspire iDea 520 Acer's iDea 520: Blu-ray on board Acer's plan to acquire Gateway will catapult the joint …


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  1. Dave

    All of a sudden

    a PS3 looks like good value.

  2. Greg

    Oooh, pretty!

    Wait...HOW MUCH???


    In all seriousness, with regards to the first comment posted, I don't think the PS3 was ever really bad value, simply down to the Blu-Ray player. It's a stinking amount for a console, but when you can buy a really powerful console and Blu-Ray player for less than the price of, I dunno, a Blu-Ray player, who's going to go for the second option? It's exactly what they did with the PS2 and its DVD capabilities, and it's exactly where Microsoft continue to miss a trick with the 360.

    That said, it hasn't worked as well this time, because their new console costs twice as much as the old one. A PS3 being "good value for a Blu-Ray player" doesn't stop it being really expensive.

  3. Paul

    but can it run linux?

    well, perhaps, but is there any driver support for linux?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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