back to article Daewoo demos 'Blu-ray Disc 2.0' player

Daewoo has given the Blu-ray Disc next-gen optical disc format the thumbs up by showing off its first BD player, the slim, blue-hued DBP-1000. Daewoo DBP-1000 Blu-ray player Daewoo's DBP-1000: blue hue The player supports the full BD specification, including the ability to access BD Live online content, to present picture …


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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More BD FUD to correct

    How do you get the vastly superior spec?

    The HD DVD players have supported all these features from day one (less 1080p, which is now available as well). Also, this is pre-announced, not guaranteeing that Daewoo will get it anymore right that Sony themselves, who so far have failed miserably in delivering BDi, etc.

    Again, another example of Bluray FUD. BD is playing catchup in features, not the other way around.

    In addition, speculating it will compete is in accurate. If as you say this is the best spec'd Bluray player, it'll will most likely compete with denon etc for the +$1000 market. Not really the mass market device BD needs to recover from the Paramount/Dreamworks blow.

  3. Luca

    Not another BD vs HDVD Please

    Both products have merits so stop trashing one format or the other. The public will decide what's best. And what's best doesn't always mean "best"

    In any case, with 50GB discs and twice as many movies sold I see BD in the lead.

    People want more space, maybe HDDVD should upgrade their specifications. It benefits all at the end.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The public will decide what's best"


  5. Trystan Trenberth


    Surely the way forward is Hybrid players, which offer both standards, and the best of both worlds...That way unlike the much referred to Beta / VHS, the media is the same size / similar format, so I think if it's possible, for both Media / Public to just push for dual format Drives and Disks, such as the Warner idea of using one 'side' per format.

    Does this not make sense? Saves us missing out on some movies or buying 2 high Def format DVD players.

    Come on guys HD / BD Kiss and make up, there is a lot of $ for both of you out there if you just play nice

  6. duncan parkertron

    re: arf!

    arf! arf!

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  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Teh Suck

    HD-DVD is teh suck. All your base are belong to BD! Take that Fanbois! Woot! 4Real <\shizzaaaam>

    (I'm posting anonymously so you can't see my anonymous alias; nyah!)

  9. A. Merkin

    RE: Teh Suck

    ...and don't even bother guessing...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BD is better than HD-DVD but they both suck

    I want 1920x1080p at 120 frames per second with lossless compression. When can I have that?

  11. Scott Mckenzie


    So Standard 1.1 isn't even out and confirmed yet and already this apparantly confirms to v2.0... that's impressive.

    As for larger discs, more sold.... 10:1 players sold (as Sony count every single worldwide PS3 player as a BR player sold despite in a survey over 40% not knowing it can play DVDs!) yet only 2:1 discs.... check Amazon at the moment for the top selling units.

    As for better interactive and more features/content... some of the reasons cited by Paramount/Dreamworks for the recent HD DVD exclusivity was the fact that additional content is a nightmare to write for BR and far more resource and capacity hungry (check the 300 disc for example... where are the features on the menu etc that make it a better use of the extra 15Gb of capacity - there aren't any, the HD disc is a better copy, the extras are better, it actually has online content.. need i go on?)

    Go back and look at early quality BR discs, i've seen better from SD, and that's before upscaling....

    I think as with most things Sony, BR will die the quiet death, especially as they've now stopped subsidising the pressing, which rumour has it costs more than twice that of HD as Sony own the rights to materials required.

    The basic failing for Sony was a lack of standardisation from the outset, HD DVD had this from launch, so all players/discs conform and with firmware upgrades will be able to play any HD disc made from now on.... when 1.1 (god knows with 2.0) of BR comes out, all current players will be unable to utilise the advanced features - such as online content and thus will technically be rendered obsolete - genius! Where do i buy into this sound investment?

  12. A. Merkin

    AdobeMedia Save Us!

    Adobe/MacroMedia should release their own format using high compression codecs, but on exsiting single-layer red-lazor DVDs, with flash support for interactivity.

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