back to article Vodafone calls C&W for IP migration

Vodafone has agreed to pay Cable and Wireless £40m over two years to help it migrate its backend and enterprise functions to an IP-based network. Vodafone, a key C&W customer for almost 20 years, will in turn help the former cable operator to make sure its next generation network and services fit the bill. Part of the deal …


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  1. Jon Pennycook

    "former cable operator"

    C&W have a very long history, including being the national Government of a number of territories and was the telecoms operator for large portions of the planet. Calling them a former cable operator, which they only did for a few years, is a little unfair.

  2. Jethro

    Interesting stuff

    From the network that brought you the first 2G to 3G VoIP core call (woot to BICC and MPLS), it'll be interesting to see where C&W, Cisco and Ericsson go with this network. . .

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