back to article Palm offers free Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 upgrade

Palm has posted a free Windows Mobile 6 Pro upgrade for its Vodafone-branded Windows Mobile 5-based smartphone, the Treo 750v. The update also brings HSPDA high-speed download technology to the 3G phone. While the 750v update is available to UK and Dutch users immediately, consumers in other European countries will have to …


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  1. Kevin Kenny

    One chance download

    Just be careful. The site asks you to enter your device serial number then after accepting their license terms you are shown a page with a download link.

    I started to download then realised my download manager wasn't started. I cancelled the download and went to try again, but this time with the download manager, and the site says -

    "We are sorry! Our records indicate this device has already received its copy of this download. If you believe you are receiving this message in error, please contact Palm's customer support in your region.

    For Support, click here"

    How f*cking stupid is that. They might at least warn you in big red letters of this daft one-shot download.

    I called support which was an utterly futile task and littered with all sorts of blind alley options to discourage you from getting to speak to an actual human. Support raised a trouble ticket and escalated, but my confidence in them actually doing anything about it is rather low given that the bod on the other end of the phone suggested I would have a better chance sending an email directly to their escalations email addy.


  2. David Wright

    You forgot to mention the best bit ...

    You can now charge the 750v directly from the sync cable!

    No more carrying around of the plug-charger.

    I put it on yesterday, nothing early-shatteringly different, fonts seem a little crisper.

    My install failed the first time but I think it was because Vista decided to install new hardware drivers for the installer, (it saw it as a different piece of hardware when the phone went in to update mode).

    Also, following the update it went to a bright white screen after the stylus alignment. I thought I'd bricked it!

    Several soft resets and running the 750v recovery tool (included with download) seemed to fix it though.

    The download instructions for the recoverery tool direct you to the wrong place though if you are using Vista. If you need to run it, it can be found at:


    or mine was anyway.

  3. Matt Bacon

    Vodafone VBE users beware!

    Don't make the same mistake that I did... if you are a Vodafone Business Email (VBE) user do NOT upgrade as WM6 is not supported and you will no longer receive emails to your handset. You have been warned!

  4. Tony Makos


    Thanks for the warning about VBE - I was two minutes away from running the install.....

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    VBE does work

    I managed to get VBE working by using the same cab install file that I saved to my memory card before I upgraded.

  6. Troy

    WM6 sim unlock

    i've got this treo 750v and it was sim unlock my question is, if i'm going to update to wm6 is my treo 750v still sim unlock, anyone tried this?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    WM6 sim unlock

    I had unlocked my treo 750v when i first bought it. Just installed the update to wm6 and happy to say the sim is still unlocked.

    don't see any internet calling or windows live messenger though. have they left it out for vodafone users?

  8. Phil Sleigh

    Download ????

    Can someone point me in the right direction for this WM6 upgrade download??

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