back to article AMD coughs up wad of cash for virtual desktop project

Chip maker AMD will pump an undisclosed stack of cash into research and development funds for virtualisation solutions provider Nivio. AMD said the investment was intended to support Nivio's vision of virtual desktop access for a worldwide audience. Nivio has been beta testing its software for the past 18 months and said it …


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  1. Ryan


    I can already access my windows desktop from many internet-connected devices (including my pda).

    It's a fantastic little service called Remote Desktop and it's why I run the Pro or Business flavours of windows on my PCs.

    What really frustrates me is that companies like VMware, AMD & Nivio spend R&D resources on third-party cludges that replicate functionality that is already seamlessly built-in to windows.

    Not least because said cludges probably don't follow windows' themes and therefore cause problems for prople who need to use larger font sizes.

    Spend money on something useful and original!


  2. Oisin McGuigan

    More payouts?

    You mean getting more into debt don't you?

    I like AMD but lately they've been gambling their future.

    I hope they stand the test of time, no one likes a monopoly.

  3. Bince

    More AMD Blunders

    More screw-ups by the 2nd place chip maker AMD. They are like a child being caught with it's hands in a cookie jar- they make up any lame excuse (tech widget) to try and makeup a LIE for them being caught doing what they should not be doing to begin with (Try anything to make a decent showing against Intel). Yeah I agree with Oisin- no one likes a monopoly, but with the antics AMD is taking, Intel will be the CHIPZILLA monopoly forever!!!

This topic is closed for new posts.