back to article HTC slides out TyTN II 'super 3G' smartphone

Smartphone specialist HTC has revamped its TyTN handset, packing in not only Windows Mobile 6 but integrating support for high-speed 3G downloads and a GPS receiver. HTC TyTN II HTC's TyTN II smartphone The sequel's unsurprisingly called the TyTN II. Like the original, it comes in a tablet form factor based around a 2.8in …


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  1. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    Not fixed the keyboard, I see

    Aaaaagh! With the keyboard-mounted softkeys intruding on the space for the R,T & I,O keys, it's too easy to accidentally hit them while typing. Especially, for some reason the R key and the left softkey - which means you hit "send" on new messages before you've finished typing!

  2. Chris Morrison


    Only 12 months left on my contract before I can get one.

    I've been using HTC phones for the last few years and they are really good value for money. Never had any problems with them and there spec is really good.

    This one looks pretty good and adding GPS to the TYTN makes it a phone worth having (my current phone is the keyboardless but GPS friendly orbit)


  3. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    And I wonder if they fixed the stooooopid phone app?

    -with on-screen number buttons too small to press with a thumb one-handed?

    You end up making calls using the stylus. D- for usability.

  4. Morely Dotes

    Windows mobile? Ugh!

    No thanks. My current phone is Windows Mobile, and to be charitable, it sucks.

    I'll be changing to something running Linux or something else as soon as possible. Pretty much anything else, really.

  5. caffeine addict

    Gadget Lust

    Until the Neo 1973 or the green goblin (or whatever it's called) get launched to Joe Public, I think I've got a new object of my lust. After Jennifer Morrison, of course...

  6. Levente Szileszky

    Looks like another hit...

    ... except anything that invokes the word "iPhone" - that's an utterly crap phone, let's not confuse anybody; HTC is always about quality and full of features for its price - no one gives a flying *** about that pathetic EDGE-only iPhone with more than 3 brain cells, I think.

  7. Paul

    why no VGA?

    the universal was VGA, why drop down to QVGA for their latest products. Shame.

  8. Carni

    Looks good

    Hopefully they will put the Bluetooth Dial Up Networking back in in this release of Windows Mobile. Built in GPS is a definite advantage.

  9. Chris Hembrow

    looks nice

    I used to love my XDA2, and then the TYTN, and this looks like a very worthy successor to the TYTN. But, I've since dropped them all in favour of the Nokia N800 and a slim 3g handset (which lives in the pocket)

  10. David Paul Morgan

    I can't see...

    ... how the keyboard moves. I have the Wizard, which slides, but can't quite work out how this one works.

  11. Tony Akingbule

    The Nokia N800 isn't a phone....

    Uh, the Nokia N800 is not a 3G phone.

    It's an Internet Tablet with no GSM capabilities.

    Could you be referring to the Nokia N80?


  12. Andy Tyzack

    I can't see...

    with this, you push the screen up as you would the tytn or indeed the wizard.

    the push the screen from the rear towards you, theen set it to the angle you want.


  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: The Nokia N800 isn't a phone....

    Hi there Thunderstorm

    I assume Chris will be using "Bluetooth Dial Up Networking" to access the 3G network through the handset.

    I do the same with my XDA Mini S on O2.

    I had to get a USIM sent out first.

    (for my K610i not the XDA Mini S)


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