back to article Gonzo a goner, but NSA surveillance here to stay

Is it all over yet? We'd like to think so, but while Alberto Gonzalez, the Attorney General who slayed the habeas corpus beast, made torture official policy, and brought warrantless surveillance to a neighborhood near you called it quits today, his legacy will stay with us for years to come. This correspondent has followed the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Threat to national security.

    Is it just me, or has the biggest threat to US national security (and therefore, the 'west', in general), already been accomplished by these two muppets?

    Thanks guys, now we have international police looking for boogymen, and local police looking for international terrorists. WTF?

    For God's sake, please don't name a library after G.W.B., or the closest I'll ever get to your 'American Dream' is the Canadian border.

  2. b shubin

    Fitting monument

    we already have a monument to Gonzo: Gitmo.

    if the US ever vacates Guantanamo Bay, i hope Cuba turns it into a historic site, like how Europe did with Auschwitz, Treblinka and Buchenwald. over the gate, instead of "Arbeit macht frei", they can put "the Bill of Rights came here to die". the guest barracks can have a plaque that says "Alberto Gonzalez may or may not have slept here (it's classified)."

    as for the Dubya Bush Presidential Library, you can already find one nearby, anywhere you are in "the greatest nation in the world".

    it looks very much like a liquor store, but don't be confused, it is what you seek.

    inside, you will find highly portable literature about alcoholic beverages, and one or two hundred samples of the more potent libations. have a bottle or three right away, and you can experience what it's like to be Dubya. as a bonus, you can dress in a surplus Air National Guard uniform, and pass out hugging the toilet, for extra authenticity. while you're unconscious, have your picture taken, so you can show your kids what it's like to be President of the US.

    wow, that was way too easy.

  3. Phillistine

    Here are the things that can be named after Gonzo

    I think following names could be good.

    1. Every Forest and subjected to Clear Cutting - Richard M Cheney Memorial Natural Reserve

    2. Abu Ghareb Prison - George W Bush Memorial Correctional Facility

    3. Guantanamo Bay Holding Facility - Alberto Gonzalez Memorial Correctional Facility

    4. NSA - George W Bush Agency for Warrantless Wiretapping

    5. FBI - (you fill in the blanks now)

    etc. etc.

    Then we can go about naming all those secret prisons in Central Asia where people are shipped as we get to know the names.

  4. Alan Donaly

    If you pine for more

    of this style of government you can go to many south and central american countries however it doesn't quite work out in the US most of the police don't believe in death squads most of our military isn't interested in supporting generalisimo W you can find some but they are proven to be the same sort that blew up the Murrow building flawed sick creatures our military foolishly employed we have suffered from the psychotic who has been responsible for so many needless deaths and innocent men being incarcerated for years he's now going to his banana republic home and leaves us with a banana republic economy to resurrect and infrastrucure to replace all at once it's our fault I doubt anything we do will make up for it.

  5. Stuart Elliott

    And we care because....?


    2) Biting the hand that feeds IT

    And this fits either bill how ?

  6. JP

    Naming sites

    Philistine, you're forgetting the administrations naming spin.

    Abu Gharib Prison - The George W Bush Memorial Freedom Facility

    NSA - Karl Rove Agency for Free Speech

    Army - Donald Rumsfeld Global Liberation Force.

    etc etc

  7. Graham Marsden

    Irony or hypocrisy?

    I'm just trying to decide which of the two above categories Dubya's comments about "dragging his name through the mud for political reasons" falls into.

    After all, it's not as if the Republicans ever did something like that, is it...?!

  8. Dax Farrer

    And we care because....

    Stuart has a catastrophic failure of his funny bone, as well as having his moral index removed by a malicious user.

    Is Stuart ...

    1. Morally lacking in human decency

    2. A bit of a cunning stunt by the neocon menace to derail legitimate comment.

    Hey Stuart, stick to commenting on the articles, leave the editorial direction to the register. They seem to run a successful news website, you do not.

  9. Chris Morrison

    American Bill of Rights...

    "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength."

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: If you pine for more

    Of course, a good number of those "banana republics" (a term invented by the US propaganda machine to describe countries where locals were paid a pittance to pick bananas for the good of the US) were "freed" from democracy by the States in US backed coups, including Venezuala, where Hugo Chavez was democratically elected, kidnapped by a States-funded junta, and then freed by the people of the country and the national army, who joined sides with the workers of the country. Of course the US still preaches that Hugo Chavez is evil because of his connections with Cuba , and let's not forget Chile. The War on Democracy was on last week and I couldn't resist, sorry.

    US foreign and security policy has been pretty disgusting for years, it's only now that people are waking up to the truth of it and that those who have always known have a voice.

  11. Tim Bergel

    And we care because

    > 1)

    If you think that we in the UK are immune from things that go on across the Atlantic then you are going to get a very nasty surprise one day.

    > 2) Biting the hand that feeds IT

    Well there <is> his big push against online gambling (as long as from outside the US).

    But anyway who cares if there is an IT angle? Another b******d gone (another rat leaving a sinking ship?) is enough reason to mention this as far as I'm concerned.

  12. Phillistine



    Thank you for the spin angle. I had written what I had written in the heat of the moment, hence the thinking part of my brain was a bit slow there. I was partaking of the knowledge in the local GWB Library (as described by 'b shubin') just before my literary escapade :P

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