back to article AwayPhone aims to slash mobile roaming costs

Mobile phone roaming charges have long been a big rip-off. UK operator AwayPhone aims to change that for business travellers, with a service that makes mobile roaming much, much cheaper. Subscribers get a SIM card which routes calls over the internet, whenever possible, and a local phone number in foreign countries. At the …


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  1. joz3n


    Hmm monthly subscription is a turn off. Good idea though.

    How does it compare to ConnectMeAnywhere?

  2. Nigel R

    Much worse deal than 0044 Global (which has been around for years)?

    Many such services have existed for years, eg where calls say, inside China are 22p/min instead of 50p with AwayPhone. And you keep a single SIM the whole time with something like an Andorra or Isle of Man mobile number.

    Meanwhile, voice calls are just so last century. What about any decent deals for GPRS data roaming?

  3. Matt Milford

    Prepaid SIM?

    Why don't you just buy a prepaid sim for €10 which comes with €10 of call credit? If you're not going back anytime soon, bin the simcard when you're done.

  4. Travis Hayler


    Along with Nigel's comment, 0044 are an isle of man agent, however their rates are still high, why not try - more functionality and better service, worth taking a look ! £25 sim with £25 credit....

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