back to article Nicole Richie does 82 minutes hard time

US reality TV "star" Nicole Richie is apparently none the worse for the wear after serving a hellish 82 minutes of a four-day drink-drive sentence, the BBC reports. Richie, 25, was hauled off to the Lynwood celebrity hang-out jail - recently favoured with a quick visit from Paris Hilton - and duly fingerprinted. She didn't, …


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  1. Slaine

    drug treatment programme?

    "The Judge ... ordered her to attend a drug treatment programme."

    But surely she's been treating herself to drugs for ages. In fact, being able to render herself mobile in a vehicle whilst under the influence of a typical Hollywood cocktail, I would suggest that she is extremely well practiced in the "art".

  2. Dan

    Great Example

    What a wonderful example of the US Penal system, and its favouritism towards celebutards (love that word.)

    Honestly is there any point in giving them the sentences ? I mean they spend a grand total of mere minutes or hours, or at the most a few days in these penal correction institutions. Despite their whining and crying and demanding their psychologists etc these 'prison' sentences are like an austere day spa for them. A few days of simple Buddhist like lifestyle, and et voila they a reborn. (See Paris Hilton for reference.)

    Its a mockery of the penal system and what its there for, and just reinforces the view that celebrities get away with anything and everything !!

  3. Colin Petford

    4 days...

    I bet the white collar working in the adjoining court that admitted to only being drunk in charge got a lot longer sentence than that...

    I thought the threat of jail was suppossed to be a deterrant???

    Some deterrant, 4 day sentenance and just shown where she could but probably won't be staying if she does it again.

  4. Craig Peters

    Non Violent?

    Driving the wrong way down a highway is now considered non violent? Who would have thought it

  5. CharleyBoy

    What's the point

    If they are sentencing people to time inside but releasing them within 12 hours anyway. Then what's the point of sentencing them to "do time" at all. Effectively it isn't a sentence at all. Better all round to punish them in a different way.

    Before anyone posts the "where's the IT angle" knee-jerk post. Can I point out that this is in the "Odds and Sods" section and so does not need one? Yes? Jolly good.

  6. James Anderson

    Shes not...

    .. black, She's not poor, and she didn't put a large hole in the judges share portfolio.

    Of course she wasnt going to do jail time.

  7. oxo


    presumably this person is another unknown american airhead soap/porn/musicstar. Who gives a f***?

  8. TK


    They may as well have just made her wait on line to get her license renewed for all the time it took. I was sentenced to two hours at the local motor vehicle registry recently. My crime? I wanted to get a trailer registered. Where's the justice???

  9. Adam Reiniger

    Re: Great Example

    I'm sorry, but if you want to look at great examples of the penal system, look at that idiot Pete Doherty. How many times has he been arrested for drugs / drink offenses and been let go without charge?

  10. Name

    Someone probably spent more time...

    ... doing the damn paperwork on this than she actually spent inside. I cannot understand the logic of this kind of treatment of celebutards. Surely, make an example of them, show the country that this type of behavious WILL get you hard time, and more than an hour and a half of it!

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. Name

    RE: Shes not...

    And your prejudice is sadly justified by just this kind of case. As, I'm sad to suggest, will be many many many other peoples likely less (I dare to give credit in hope) ironic prejudices.

    The sooner this is stopped (why do they even have "celebrity prisons" ... that is surely missing the point all together ?) the sooner people will stop claiming discrimination.

    Oh, sorry, I forgot, this is discrimination, but it's positive right so that's OK ?

  13. Ron Eve

    Sentencing: UK v US

    ('celebutards' - fabulous!)

    For a comparison in sentencing (this is really for our US readers) for a similar offence in the UK, check this story (btw, the M1 is a 'freeway'):

    And this is what happens to barely-teens drink drivers:,,1384983,00.html

    No chance of this happening in the US of A anytime soon I guess...

  14. Dan

    @By Adam Reiniger

    Yep don't get me started on Pete DOHerty. Less "off to half -arsed attempts of rehab" and more "Off to clink for you matey boy for a nice long sentence of no drugs and lots of buggery !!"

  15. Eduard Coli

    Class dispute

    New law, if your income is in the top 10 percent you don't go to jail...

  16. sitruc

    Re: Sentencing: UK v US

    C'mon Ron. Neither of those people were celebrities.... Any normal person in the States would not only go to prison, but maybe even PMITA prison if they did half the stuff RIchie, Hilton, and Lohan do on a daily basis.

  17. Sean Ellis

    Oxo asked

    "Who gives a f***?"

    Well, true, she's someone I've never heard of either, but her story is instructive when comparing sentences.

    Celebrity nobody, clear and present danger to life careening the wrong way down a highway: 90 minutes in jail and pervasive publicity.

    Ordinary nobody, no personal danger, sharing a DVD on BitTorrent: 5 months in jail or pervasive monitoring.

    Useful reference material for the "American Justice" folder. Note to self: become a minor celeb before I next go to the states.

    OTOH, American Justice has given us the SCO ruling and the Dover ruling, so it can't be all bad.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, that gets the sheriif off the hook for Hilton..

    Given that Paris Hilton had to serve "all" her days and Nicole Ritchie was only in in long enough to get used to the 'odeur' of the place I think it amounts to a "get out of trouble" card for the sheriff who initially allowed her out with a tag.

    Yup - it DOES depend who you are :-)

  19. Shane Kent

    Someone sends spam...

    Someone sends spam/bots/etc and costs Corporations millions and they do years and years. Someone drives so stoned they drive the wrong way, and put society at risk (she could kill someone hitting them head on), and they do an hour and a bit? I can picture lady justice on this one, she has a feather at one end and sack of potatoes at the other, and she sure is fighting to keep it balanced.

  20. Quinten Lansu

    Re: Someone sends spam...

    Yes, well, APPARANTLY, this great big world outside isn't actually 'fair'.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is it "free" you're looking for?

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Poor little rich girl ...

    The world is Soooo unfair to her, demanding a horrid 82 minutes of hellish jail. OMG!

    Let's see, maybe next time it should be 93 minutes and 17 seconds. THAT would teach her!

    What a sorry indictment of the best American justice that money can buy. And her attorney probably thought s/he was doing a good thing for her. I think that attorney just tilled fertile ground for somebody to die next time. Hopefully it's not an innocent.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



    Yes, well, APPARANTLY, this great big world outside isn't actually 'fair'.


    I'm glad the world isn't fair, could you imagine what it would be like if everything that happened to you was because you actually deserved it?

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    could but didn't

    Yes you have to wait till someone actually does something

    before you punish them for it it's required If I was jailed

    for every time I thought about killing someone with my

    bare hands I would never get out many of you probably

    would have shared my fate no one will ever know how

    close I came to being guilty of something as I never did it

    just try and get me. All of this is because of that mothers

    against whatever might be a threat crap same as terrorists

    same as bird flu and all the other shit people try to scare you

    with it's just a bunch of hysterical bullshit. More people

    die in hospitals as a result of elective surgery than die from

    any of the things I mentioned above and I don't notice anyone

    placing doctors in the clink.

  25. Slaine

    @ everyone

    It's all sooooooo true.

    The irony, of course, is that these spoilt fekkers are parading themselves around as "what you wanna be", and then if you do as they do... it's Josephine Average Public who gets thrown in the slammer for the duration and Spoilt Media Brat that spends less time incarcerated than it takes for the fekkin hangover to wear off. Maybe what's needed is a punishment system where your punishment is a multiple of your income, not a reciprocal.

    Now then, why did I reply?

    Oh yes... I blame the parents.

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