back to article Microsoft and Nokia team up for Windows Live

Nokia, in conjunction with Microsoft, has released a version of Windows Live for its Series 60 handsets, with Series 40 to follow next year. The deal gives punters easy access to Windows Messenger, Hotmail, Contacts and Spaces, without so much as a nod to the network operators. Your friends on your mobile The application …


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  1. Neil Hoskins

    about bloody time, too...

    "...several half-hearted attempts to launch their own email and even photo-sharing applications..."

    All I EVER wanted from the network operators was bandwidth. For years we put up with their walled gardens, stupid charges, and services that we didn't want (does ANYBODY actually make 3G video calls?). Now they're starting to see sense, the mobile internet can truly take off and they'll start making some serious money to finally pay for their 3G licences.

    I could have told them this at least five years ago, but then I'm not a highly-paid captain of industry. If any of them want to recruit me for advice on future strategies, I'm available...

  2. Steven Hewittt


    Not a real user of MSN anyway, but this is a move in the right direction out of principle. Network Operators are just that - networks. I pay them for using their network - and nothing more. They can't develop software, christ they can't even get a 3G PCMCIA card manufacturered correctly.

    Sod them - I'll install what I want on my handset - hacks away!

  3. Silas


    Fame at last. I knew I'd get my name in an El Reg story one day! Thanks Bill!

  4. Jamie Walker

    ...but not if you're on 3

    Just trying to wander round Nokia's site seeing where to get it from. Sadly, it's not available to three, as they have their own firmware and software suite. Ah well!

  5. marc

    Not on N95/T-Mobile

    Nope I had to go and download it manually, it wasn't under download. It doesn't work via GPRS (T-Mobile block non web stuff) but over wi-fi its a charm.

    I could do without the contacts/hotmail stuff however, the IM is all I need.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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