back to article Dell makes headway in server market

Dell regained a healthy chunk of the server market according to the analysts at IDC, suggesting "the new Dell" push has taken a foothold. Dell's revenue for Q2 jumped a little over 20 per cent compared with Q2 last year. At its current rate for growth it could soon be pushing Sun for the number three spot on the server charts. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not a true representitive of the x86 market...

    Although I take your point that HP and IBM are still leading the server share rat-race, in terms of the x86 market (especially in the UK) IBM grew -11.6%, and HP grew at -3.8% respecively. Dell grew 11% in the same Quarter (Q2). The market as a whole grew at 0.8% (whoever said that virtualisation won't have an effect on server shipping numbers!).

    The x86 market looks like this:

    HP Share = 42.9%

    Dell Share = 33.6%

    IBM Share =11.9%

    FS = 2.5% (FS grew 20.1%!)

    Seeing as the x86 market is where the most growth and battles will be made in the next few years, its interesting to note that the figures you publish include mainframes/UNIX/IA64. Doesn't look good for IBM in the System X space!

    (All figures are based on the x86 market for Q2, and all figures are published from IDC.)

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