back to article Dolphins abandon Bay of Biscay

Most of the dolphins usually spotted in the Bay of Biscay are missing this year, according to researchers at the wildlife conservation charity Marinelife. The group has been monitoring the whale, dolphin and seabird populations for the last 13 years as part of its Biscay Dolphin Research Programme (BDRP), using the P&O ferry …


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  1. David Farrell

    I'm not surprised

    The surprising thing should be that ANYTHING lives near the European coast what with all the pollution, concrete development, overfishing and bottom-trawling. Perhaps the dolphins were just the last ones left...someone has to switch the lights off.

  2. Bryan

    So long...

    And thanks for all the fish.

  3. Eric Denekamp

    Was Douglas Adams right

    When he said that finally al the dolfins will leave the earth just before the demolition will take place? and is this the first wave leaving

  4. Michael Sheils

    Never Trust the dolphins

    There probably getting ready for there final attack with the Penguin Alliance.

  5. Stuart

    And the IT angle is?

    More non IT news on a supposedly IT news website!

  6. Jeremy

    So long and thanks for all the fish...

    Anyone got a Sub-Etha Sens-O-Matic handy?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Singing the star spangled banner

    If anyone heard them singing the star spangled banner before they left.... I'm sticking my thumb out.

    What's the IT angle? The fact that the earth is the biggest and most powerful computer ever surely counts? Combined with dolphins being the second most intelligent part of that computer.

  8. Steve Browne

    Too much french food

    probably popped off for a chinese

  9. Steve Browne

    ... or maybe ...

    They popped round to the Med for a pizza or kebab

  10. Dax Farrer


    I fear many of the commentators are refusing to maintain the "IT only" policy. Stuart is a prime case, scurrilously using "IT" but in a manner where no "IT" is actually referred to.

    In future could all commentators keep their comments directly relating to "IT" and refrain from off topic issues.

    There should be no OT in IT

  11. Dax Farrer


    Maybe the Japanese whaling fleet got confused, should have turned right after the Panama Canal but, you know, these things happen, and really they were all over the place, eating the fish, hogging the sofa.

  12. Stuart Halliday

    Shame on Stuart

    Any true IT expert worth their salt is raised on Science Fiction. It's the only thing which keeps us going between service packs!

    Getting back on subject, it is obvious the Dolphins have had enough of some of us playing that vile game - Cricket.

    Belgium man!

  13. Lucy Sherriff (Written by Reg staff)

    IT angle

    Stuart, and anyone else concerned by the lack of IT angle, might want to note that we also cover science. This should help you recover your inner peace.


  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is it, it is

    The Reg is now publishing any articles that contain the word "it", which this one does.

    If that is not relevance then just what is, eh?

  15. Mark Roome

    gone gone gone

    First it was the dolphins in China, now these ... must be a trend ... time almost up for us I am afraid.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Heading north?

    Dolphins are smart. No, really smart. Why hang around in the BoB being gawped at by the Pride of Bilbao researchers (who never throw any fish, never wave, etc) when you can head for Blighty and get all that attention from the holiday makers...

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No so

    "What's the IT angle? The fact that the earth is the biggest and most powerful computer ever surely counts? Combined with dolphins being the second most intelligent part of that computer."

    I'd say the most intelligent.

    You don't see many dolphins winning Darwin Awards now do you?

  18. Ray

    21st century nature

    Most intelligent marine mammals have now ditched such old school aquatic haunts as the real Bay of Biscay and now hang around in darkened rooms scouring the virtual, but much cooler, eBay of Biscay for the tastiest fishy meal deals.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ "No-IT-Angle-Stuart"

    First off, I'm sure you've got a macro to post that, since it's all i seem to recall you ever posting.

    Secondly, when our dolphin overlords get back from arming themselves, I will watch with glee as they hunt everyone down with ray guns. Is that enough IT angle for you?

    I for one, want to be the first to welcome our new Cetacean overlords.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: No so

    quote: "I'd say the most intelligent. You don't see many dolphins winning Darwin Awards now do you?"

    Nor mice who were the most intelligent part of that computer. :)

    Followed by dolphins, then man.

    I'm sure this will appear several times, in the period between comments updates.


  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Weren't mice the species who commissioned Earth, rather than the most intelligent part of the computer?

  22. Sabahattin Gucukoglu



    Any true IT expert worth their salt is raised on Science Fiction. It's the only thing

    which keeps us going between service packs!


    And comedy. Science and science fiction, comedy and the appreciation of real literature. Like this masterpiece of expression here. :-) If you can manage to find science fiction and comedy in one place, you've got gold. Red Dwarf, for starters, although most acute observers will happily inform you that H2G2 was comedy too, if more subtle than the weakly-sitcom-like variety of Red Dwarf. They'll also tell you that H2G2 is required reading/listening, and that if you haven't done it you might as well crawl back into your cave until your species has evolved an appreciation for it, for then you will find the beginnings of a career in true IT professionalism. (Most people who actively hate H2G2 turn out to be Americans, I find, which is odd but can probably be explained by the unique way Douglas Adams writes which is distinctly heavy in British satire and depends on a reasonable understanding of culture.)



  23. Jeremy

    The mice...

    ...were merely projections into our world of pan-dimensional entities, if I remember rightly.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Mice

    The (Lab) Mice are really just an extension of hyper-intelligent, multi-dimensional beings...

    As for man being the third... don't quite re-call that part...

    Lets be realistic...

    How can someone call a species which has all this fascination with small pieces of coloured paper (which, for their part, are quite unmoved by all this attention), and which actually thinks that it has invented stuff which, as everyone knows, was present even in the first preview version of encyclopedia galactica as ancient history, "intelligent"?

  25. Luther Blissett


    they surely don't know that that big volcano in the Canary Islands is about to fall into the sea and crash land them somewhere in West Virginia, do they?

    I guess scientists just aren't curious any more. They could learn a thing or two from dolphins - if they could find them.

  26. GrahamT

    ...and they don't have digital watches.

    Having just spent my holidays on the bay of Biscay, I think it is obvious why the dolphins have gone elsewhere: the weather is awful this year, they've gone somewhere warmer.

  27. Rob


    I do not see anything stating this is an "IT" only website. The category of Science with the subcategory of Biology sure seems to support my suspicions. Oo

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    Well, if Adams is correct...

    Couple that with the the fact that my last two months were shit (lost my job, high pressure, extreme cognitive dissonance between migrating to Singapore or staying in Malaysia, almost lost something of importance to me)...

    I guess at least it would end happily for me.

    Although I'd prefer it if I could just somehow open a pan-dimensional portal and get to a better place instead.

  29. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Call to the moderators

    Could you please, PLEASE ban for life any loser who whines about "no IT angle" when the section the article is published in is not IT anyway ?

    Get their logon and LOCK IT OUT. Get their IP and prevent them from signing up again. Ban them from reading the site even.

    Remarks like that only prove one thing : the guy has nothing to do here, he can't understand what he's looking at. So be nice to whatever is left of his brain cells and don't show him the awful letters that so confuse him.

    And if he never comes back, well good riddance.

  30. Andy Tyzack

    re: And the IT angle is?

    its on the science and biology tab, why dont you take notice and read the whole thing u idiot!

  31. chris

    All this bickering makes me thirsty.

    And if the Vogon's are on their way, make mine a double pangalacticgargleblaster.

  32. andy rock


    Hear hear! Ban 'em all!

  33. Martin Benson

    Could we have a little calm, please?

    Just because the dolphins are leaving, there's no need to be rude about the "no IT angle"'s not his fault.

    Seriously, he's entitled to post and you're entitled to comment on him. But referring to him as a whiner and an idiot is just unnecessarily offensive. Sort of thing I see on footy forums, but I don't expect to see here.

  34. Mark

    Where the Dolphins have gone

    Obviously the dolphins can't all fit into the spaceship at once, so the Chinese dolphines left first, and now the bay of Biscay Dolphins are being evacuated. Next month, it's US dolphins....

  35. Nick

    RE:Mark the Dolphin?

    I'm impressed Mark that you can work the keyboard, not having opposible thumbs e.t.c. Or have u guys been developing a squeek n click interface? :)

    I'm not surprised they're all going forth and disappearing - would you want to swim alongside a whole load of British, French, Spanish and other European Turds. Oh wait, we do, when we go on that £199 package holiday.

    Also, is this study an excuse for the researches to make a regular booze-cruise?

    And finally, I bow down in front of my wet grey bottlenosed overlords.

  36. Zorric

    Not his fault?

    If it's not his fault, then just whose fault is it then? Somebody else who forced him to

    write the "No IT angle"? If that is so then I sympathise with him, but I doubt it's the case, so -

    I'd say it was exactly his fault and no-one elses.

  37. b shubin

    More please

    yes, a broader awareness of the world is a wonderful thing. can we please have more stories with a deviant, SF or science angle? also, how about more privacy, human rights and bureaucratic dysfunction articles?

    the gentleman is quite likely to be in or from the US, as the philosophy here is "if it doesn't make money, it isn't worthy of attention or effort". the curiosity to enjoy such topics is thus discarded, in favor of learning content that can be more easily monetized.

    since a majority here also believe in Intelligent Design and/or Creationism, this guy probably forgot (or never knew about) basic natural selection: "too much specialization usually leads to extinction".

    this is good news for the rest of us, as it makes Stuart a short-to-medium-term problem.

  38. Richard Bos

    Intergalactic superhighway

    Hmm... Disappearing dolphins. A large empty patch discovered in the sky: <>. Could El Reg's quip at the end of this article perhaps be more perspicaceous than it at first appears?

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