back to article Google pinches fewer pennies in video shutdown

After a nudge from The Reg - and what would seem to be thousands of angry emails - Google will now provide full refunds to anyone who purchased clips from the now defunct Google Video store. On August 10, the world's largest search engine quietly slipped an email to Google Video customers, saying it would soon shutdown the site …


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  1. Tim Bergel

    Oh no ...

    "All customers will receive an email explaining the refund, and yes, it includes a link where they can update their credit card info"

    Great. So in the next two days we can expect a flood of phishing emails looking like Google.

  2. Chad H.

    Re the Bootnote

    Thats actualy a good idea! I like that idea of extending google news to youtube.

    And in a way, it kinda fits, Google's two most lawsuit prone products are tied together.

    Now if only they coul add adwords in there, seems to be a good domain name for that service...

  3. Alan Donaly

    no harm in changing

    tune it was stupid in the first place I doubt those

    cc details were different at all for most people. When you are

    as large as Google you can expect your share of lawsuits how

    many months has MS gone without a litigation and they are

    far more culpable for most of the crap they get accused of.

    Not a bad reaction time for a complete screw up nice to know

    there are times when even Google gets the message.

  4. Gavin McMenemy

    CC refunds....


    Google's response that many were not using the same CC is idiotic. Let's leave aside that many people don't bother changing their credit card companies. It is good practise, for many reasons, to refund back to the original source and if the bank in question has issued a new CC then the refund will be forwarded on in any case.

  5. Simon

    An email with a link

    to update credit card details....

    Cue a phishing attack?

    I mean, google video DTO/DTR customers will be expecting an email from google, will they check close enough that the email they receive is actually genuine?

  6. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    So the new logo is . .

    Do No More Evil When We Get Caught At It ?

  7. DZ-Jay

    Re: So the new logo is . .

    Actually, the new slogan is the same as before, but with a new phrase tagged on: "Stupidity is not evil, so we're OK."


This topic is closed for new posts.

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