back to article Researcher crosses swords with Google over XSS 'flaw'

Google has crossed swords with an independent security researcher who claims that the domain used by Google module applications provides a potential "safe haven" for phishing fraudsters. Google modules are small web apps (widgets) designed for functions such as displaying weather forecasts or sports scores on a third-party …


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  1. Paul Charters


    So since when did Google ever care about their users' security and privacy? Of COURSE it's working as intended! They or someone they like is going to make MONEY out of it, regardless of what damage it does to the users.

  2. Greg

    Sounds familiar

    "On further review, it turns out that this is not a bug, but instead the expected behavior of this domain,"

    ...Said Microsoft.

    Oh, wait....

  3. Edward Pearson

    Re: Google...

    Thats a little unfair I feel. Can you site an example where Google ignored a security issue that affected its users?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Edward


  5. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge


    How about when Usenet trolls signed up for Google groups using e-mail addresses like "Spoofed Name <spoofed@address>"<verification@address> . The verification address was a throwaway or hijacked e-mail account used to verify Google Groups signup. The spoofed address was of the victim. The troll would then flood high traffic Usenet groups with massive crap crossposting. Enough Usenet clients directed replies to the spoofed address to cause problems.

    And here's the biggest security hole of them all: Google doesn't read abuse complaints. Nothing makes a hacker happier than a big pile of servers running on auto-pilot.

  6. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Not all that important

    I don't use proprietary more than I have to, and I only use Google to search. I avoid the bloody toolbars everybody has added - there is nothing there for me and I trust no proprietary, closed-source developer more than I absolutely have to.

    And yes, I am missing out on Google Maps. I know. Life is a bitch, isn't it ?

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