back to article Evesham releases first product since administration

Evesham Technology has announced its first product launch since axing 150 jobs and declaring a pre-pack administration deal earlier this month. The DTR250 box is a 250Gb digital video recorder and digital terrestrial Freeview receiver with a £169.99 price tag for all those customers still bravely queuing to buy Evesham kit. …


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  1. bit.phreak

    A Time Shifter from the (ex) Time Lords?

    No ta, think I'll stick to a reputable brand...

  2. dougal

    Check Out The Journal link


    little tip try not to upset the administrators they are only doing there jobs,FYI this is no easy way of telling 150 people they dont work for you anymore it is hard enough to do one.The administrators certainly arent stupid enough to let 150 vengeful people loose or maybe you think we would have all gone quietly like sheep ? I know i wouldnt

    You had your chance I have more respect for DTE Leonard Curtis than i do for you so the best bet is to shut up already

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Should be labeled a Hokey Cokey Brand...

    In out in out shake it all about.

    Wouldn't trust em as far as I could throw em - what do you call a cowboy from Dubai?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its not a Time Machine ...

    It's most likely to be a DigiFusion re-branded unit, nothing to do with Time UK - Evesham have had a few previous PVRs in the past.

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