back to article Solar waves make Earth ring like a bell

Sounds generated deep in the fiery depths of the Sun make Earth, its atmosphere, and even its magnetic field ring like many cosmic bells. SOHO image of the Sun and an artist's impression of Earth's magnetosphere. Credit, NASA/ESA SOHO image of the Sun and an artist's impression of Earth's magnetosphere. Credit: NASA/ESA …


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  1. Greg Nelson

    Hang Ten

    But, like, it's only gravity waves the Silver Surfer rides, right?

  2. Michael Compton

    Thats on meaty sub woofer

    Feell the Bass :)

  3. Ian McNee

    Re: Thats on meaty sub woofer

    Yeah but it's a bugger wedging the Earth into the back of a Vauxhall Nova...

  4. benn gold

    not good at arithmetic ...

    it's a good thing you don't make your living using arithmetic: a period of 278 hours is a frequency of about 1 microhz. A frequency of 100-5000 microhz is period of from 3 minutes to 3 hours

  5. Ron Russman

    Vibrations in Arizona

    I believe there are people in Arizona who may be listening to the Harmonies of these vibrations, they think it is a paranormal phenomena but perhaps it is not. They can't seem to find the source of the "Hum". Maybe we have a Humdinger here.

  6. Mark York

    The idea has merit

    only reverse it, I for one would be quite happy to wedge a or even several Vauxhall Nova's into the Earth, preferably with a few chav's still inside it.

  7. Anarchy

    Not according to Cosmos on TV last night

    "g-mode vibrations are not optically detectable. But the evidence of the waves is there, and easily detectable, in data on Earth"

    Really? I watched Cosmos on BBC2 last night, and there has been built a massive thing to detect gravity waves, which are so weak it is easier to detect a (sea) wave hitting a beach 6 miles away.

    They are hoping to detect one in about 2012

  8. Matthew

    Movie Idea

    Could this be... The Voice of God!

  9. John Mangan


    You are confusing gravity waves with gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are produced by large (several solar masses) being accelerated to relativistic speeds and it is *hoped* they will be detected from neutron star, coalescing binaries, black hoes and a few other literally cosmic events.

    I'm not sure what gravity waves are but they are a different phenomena.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: @Anarchy

    Are we allowed to say "black hoes" on this website? I also saw the programme on BBC2 last night and think they said 2015.

  11. John Mangan

    RE: RE: @ Anarchy

    So THAT's what the Preview Comment button is for!

    BTW, a quick look at Wikipedia does mention that the terms 'gravity waves' and 'gravitational waves' are often used (incorrectly) interchangeably and gives a good description of both.

    I didn't see the BBC2 programme but 2015 sounds like the timeframe for LISA (a space-based detector). I believe that the UK-German GEO600 and US LIGO ground-based detectors are approaching operational sensitivity at present.

  12. david mccormick

    re: vibrations in arizona

    I think it's more likely to be a bunch of nuts with tinitus. :)

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