back to article Dolly Parton's theme park shells out for more silicon

Splash Country, a water park attached to Dollywood in Knoxville, Tennessee, is offering punters the chance to carry "Sunny Money" in the form of RFID-equipped wristbands as tickets and wallets. It's basically a form of pre-payment voucher. Punters can load up their wristbands with cash then spend it at various snack and …


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  1. Bez


    "Sunny Money"

    Is that for buying things that are 'tres cher?'

  2. Robert Cole

    I'm from Knoxville!

    Glad to see we made it to el reg.

    However, I do have to point out, that Dollywood is in Sevierville, not Knoxville. Sevierville is definitely its own city, and not a suburb or something of Knoxville. It's about 30 miles from us, through the mountains (at least, mountains in the definition of east TN).

  3. JP

    Added bonus

    Money left on the wristband would just be cashed in by the themepark!

    Otherwise, I could see a very good money laundry system here...

  4. JHL

    The Germans done it already...

    A year or two ago I was in a swim centre/water fun park in Germany, in Bad Tölz I believe, where they had much the same system - waterproof RFID tags which you wear swimming, and carry credits for food, let you rent lockers, pass you out of the centre and so on. Very neat.

  5. Anthony Bathgate

    Lessons learned before London "trial"?

    We've had these systems in the US for quite some time. Granted, nobody uses most of them, the only place I've ever seen them used with any frequency is on public transport.

    But that doesn't mean the systems aren't everywhere.

  6. sean

    ah yes but ...

    ...will the chips only work 9 to 5?


  7. Simon Halsey

    Been There, Done That, Got the Plastic Wristwatch

    The Wild Wadi in Dubai does this already. In fact entrance, locker hire and towel hire are done this way as well as splash cash to buy food and drinks with.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is old news in Japan....

    They do this already at many amusement parks and hot tub parks. USA is soo 1980 w/ regard to personal technology....

  9. Google

    But... (part II)

    Will Jolene get one...?

    Let me share that cab with you...

  10. Vaughan


    ...surely it's called Thoracic Park.

    I'll get me coat.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A handshake away from complete financial ruin ...

    "USA is soo 1980 w/ regard to personal technology"

    Well, Japan is soo 1900's when it comes to worker rights.

    As for this RFID wallet, I am just wondering how long will it be before people will start noticing the fundamental security flaws inherent in the system.

  12. Andy

    Another way of tracking us

    Looks like another way of tracking people. Perhaps in years to come we will have a chip injected into us and that will have all our details on, including bank account details so we just walk past a scanner to pay for something. Not for me, I like my privacy.

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