back to article Oono Transmita Vii wireless music system

'Wireless' is a wonderful word that creates beautiful images in the minds of the gadget-obsessed masses. We imagine headphones and MP3 players working together in cable-free harmony, or desktop peripherals resting comfortably with our PCs, without constantly being pulled out of place by connection cords. Manufacturer Oono has …


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  1. Martin Gregorie

    A modest suggestion

    Why on earth doesn't this thing's transmitter accept audio through USB as well as the headphone connector?

  2. James Pickett


    Not quite sure why I would want one of these. I have an MP3 player that is slightly smaller than a box of matches, that I can carry around, and the computer is connected to my audio system wirelessly already (wi-hi-fi, if you like), which isn't so unusual. I think this is a product looking for an application...

  3. Peter

    Frankie Howerd

    Can these guys produce a system called the TitterYeNot? They're halfway to being a Frankie Howerd tribute already being called Oono....

  4. eddiewrenn

    Way too late

    If this had come around four/five years earlier, when I was fiddling around with tacky wireless RF modulators iff ebay for £20 to get an mp3 player music to my car stereo, I might have been curious enough to buy one (as a fun gadget).

    But with perfectly reasonable bluetooth music senders (e,g, music from my phone to my car stereo) or wifi technology, these need to be damn good to compet. As it is, they deserve to be no more than £20 ebay curiosities.

  5. Jamie


    Frankly, the Apple Airport is better. We are a house of die-hard PC users, but have succumbed purely to the Airport, which we use with our PCs not with iTunes but with Airfoil, a 3rd party program that interfaces.

    We are able to get our music running through the local computer and two further 5.1 sets in the house, with our two airports. We can run them over the long ethernet cables we have hardwired into the house, or else on the wireless network, on which they act as signal boosters.

    Airfoil also lets you sync the music properly, so that the various outputs are all playing the same thing at the same time. I would imagine that with the "Transmita", you would find that there is a delay involved.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    strange. i'm not sure if the law has changed but i'm sure that wireless sender/receivers arent allowed to only send audio. i've got a set of TRANW GigaAir audio/video receivers that i've had for a few years now and i'm sure there was some blurb about the video connector MUST be used as you cant send just audio....

  7. Aubry Thonon

    Refuse to buy...

    ...from a company which chooses to mispell "Transmita" in order to look "cool".

    Frack off - it's hard enough getting the kids to spell properly these days.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    vii or version 2

    looks Like they haven't renamed the old 'Transmita', It looks (from the packet) like they've just gone with 'Transmita v.II'

    Anyway in all seriousness who would need instructions? Audio in connector, audio out connector is it that hard? or do you need to be told where to plug your headphone jack into you hippod.

    But for a pc to stereo connection, is it anygood? - mains at stereo and usb at pc as a permanent solution? or does it drain faster than it charges on usb?

    Perhaps the volume difference is a difference between line-out and headphone levels??

  9. Bob Hannent


    Then how come Senheisser sell wireless headphones? Seems like the same technology without the headset.

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