back to article Daytime debut for UK Xbox 360 Elite?

With the UK launch of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite (previously codenamed "Zephyr") only days away now, the general mood in most of the high street stores seems to be one of...somewhat reserved excitement. Granted this isn’t the launch of a brand new games platform as such the PS3 – the Elite is in essence only adding a 120GB …


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  1. Greg

    Typical Microsoft

    Here comes The X-Box 360 Service Pack 1.

    The original kit was a piece of crap that didn't have HDMI, overheated and died, etc. Here's a new version, that we'll charge you another £300+ for, that works in the way the first ruddy console should have. Only this one still doesn't have HD-DVD playback without bulky add-ons. For that, you'll have to wait for Service Pack 2.

    This seems familiar...

  2. Stu

    Black never looked right for Xbox360!

    Fair enuff the original XBox was black, but that was a big breeze block - ugly for it. My white Xbox360 seems right, the Elite seems not-right. I dont know why.

    Yes its a bit of an oversight not making the HD-DVD standard in the Elite.

    @Greg - How come the normal 360 is a piece of crap just because it doesn't have an HDMI port? My Telly only has one HDMI port and its in use by my Blu-Ray player called a PS3 (games are mostly crap right now). I'm using the component-in for my 360 and it's just fine, pic quality is as good as HDMI as far as I'm concerned.

    As for the faults, I know A LOT of units have failed, thats fine but my unit has never failed over the course of a good 1 1/2 years use. If it does, I know MS will likely foot the bill for the repair cos they've owned up to it. Nuff said.

  3. Joff

    As good as it sounds?

    Has it been confirmed that the Elite will feature the second GPU heatsink which is said to fix the problems associated with overheating?

    Are they going to be releasing a range of matt-black accessories to suit the Elite's case? I don't fancy having a wishy washy grey HD-DVD drive next to my svelte black 360 unit.

  4. jai


    i think i'll wait and get an old 360 cheap off ebay to play Halo3. i can always paint it black or get Jessica Alba vinyl covers for it if i really can't stand the colour.

    Also, Stranglehold seems like a strange title to mention as being a reason for buying a 360 Elite - it's only coming out on the 360 2 weeks earlier than it's PS3 release. although it'll be overshadowed by the released of Warhawk and Heavenly Sword i guess

  5. George

    Doesnt elite mean something like best of the best? So wheres WIFI and the HD Drive?

    I currently have the origial 360 bought as the core so later had to pay £65 for the 20 Gig Hard drive, which is nonsense, but heh thats M$ for you

    Yes it has the HDMI port and a bigger Hard disk but where is built in WIFI, dam you M$, How bloody hard is it to sort implement a wifi chip into the board, maybe you should go ask Sony or better still Nintendo as the Wii is a little cracker.

    And if its the elite wheres the HD drive?? Ok maybe they mean elite as in Games console and yes it would hike the price up but wouldnt you want the all singing and dancing version after it is "elite"

    I cant wait for the next dashboard update either, wonder how many "elite" systems will be bricked.

    Well its comforting knowing that the xbox is made at a a lose.

  6. James Taylor

    Complementry Colours

    I'm sure that black colour will perfectly complement the Red Ring of Death!

  7. Alexander

    missing the point

    >@stu no hdmi = no hdcp very simple

    My xbox 360 is in the cupboard in a box which is black does that qualify it as eltie? seirously though no digital out, no wifi ,no hd dvd dirve still and noiser according to reports...not even tempted I will stick to my wii much more fun

  8. Andy

    OMG! It's BLACK!

    What? Is this a girlfriend/boyfriend free zone?

    Hope you people all enjoy your black consoles, especially those of you who bought PS3s as well, just to play a lousy range of DooRay movies. Heh, pity the losers who bought a Wii, you'll be waiting AGES for Nintendo to release the black version of that one.

    Jesus H. Christ, the stupids have finally precipitated Teh End Of The World. (Has anybody read Cloud Atlas? Um, No..?)

    Sorry about the childish comment, but I really do despair sometimes.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    missed opportunity

    One wonders what drove the decisions around the elite spec. HDMI was needed for marketing reasons, if not technical ones.. The extra storage is nice, but hardly essential.

    But why oh why couldnt they address the three biggest problems, namely the roaring fans, revving dvd drive and that gargantuan, primitve powerbrick. If MS had sorted these, I'd be in the queue. Stuff the HDMI.

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