back to article Sony VAIO VGC-RM1N HD workstation

HD video may be the standard of choice, but the downside of those beautifully composed and shot HD home movies is how to edit them off the HD camcorder so they can be stored somewhere more convenient than the camcorder itself. Sony VAIO VGC-RM1N HD workstation The RM1N packs a powerful processing punch Unless you have an …


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  1. Matt

    sony does it again

    puts hardware in box, sells at astronomical price due to name tag.

    "Sony's VAIO VGC-RM1N is an impressive system, but then again for £2,500 it should be"

    I mean, when you can put the raw components of this system together for less than £900 it says alot for the price tag

  2. stu


    erm... so sony bring out an HD solution... and don't bundle up their own (very good) Sony Vegas NLE suite with it ???

    Quite apart from anything else Vegas is the only NLE that currently supports AVCHD.


  3. David Luxton

    Why no Vegas included?

    I am astonished that Sony should bring out a flagship HD video editing product but decide not to include their own Vegas editing software! It is the best editing software around for HD work.

    The lack of it has made me decide not to go for the Sony model but go for a much cheaper but equally fast and powerfulHP PC then just add on the Sony HD blu-ray drive - and probably save about £500.

    What a shame Sony have screwed up on what would have been the one-stop soloution for serious HD video editing.


  4. David Luxton

    Change of mind about the Sony VGC-RM1N

    Well after 2 days of agonising over what PC to upgrade to for serious HD editing and Blu-ray authoring I`ve let my heart rule my head (and wallet!) and actually bought the Sony VGC-RM1N rather than a high spec adapted PC., despite my rant above.

    I almost bought an impressive HP 8180 PC (Quad chip; 3GB RAM;etc) at PC World and they offered to install an off the shelf Sony Blu-Ray burner and exrra drive while I waited - then discovered the portable 350GB drive meant there was no space in the chasis to fit the extra hard drive (for sole use in capturing HD footage).

    So decided to go for the all-in-one (well 2 Units) option. Main problem in getting it to do what it should seems to be the Vista platform which seems to be incompatible with my wi-fi broadband so after hours of trying I can`t get the installed Ble-Ray software to work.

    I`ll post a full review when I`ve sorted out the problems.

    David Luxton

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