back to article Foxy Brown cuffed on Blackberry assault rap

Rapstress Foxy Brown has confirmed the BlackBerry as bitchslap assault weapon of choice by earning herself a cuffing for allegedly (hand)setting about a woman with the popular mobile device, AP reports. The battling 27-year-old chanteuse was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting 25-year-old Brooklyn neighbour Arlene …


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  1. John Latham

    And thus were coined...

    ...the smackberry, whackberry, and thwackberry.

  2. Dax Farrer


    "Recovering Blackberry launch platform Naomi Campell was unavailable for comment today"

    SCHTOP - this article is not finished yet.

    Surely the tag line "The Streatham Clotheshorse" is missing.

    I'm sorry but El Reg has a high profile in the world of internet journalism and this has rocked that profile. I am shocked !, shocked I tell you.

  3. Roast Duck


    its so depressing.. only 2 additional stories in odds n sods today... come on el reg.. wheres ur professionalism.. u guys shud know that i refresh this page about every 10 mins during my valuable, productive, n creative hours.. to keep abreast with latest technological trends.. only to realize that theres nothing happening out there.. dont you disappoint me...

  4. Morely Dotes

    At first glance...

    I thought the cartoon character from "Drawn Together" had been arrested.


    Behavior seems to indicate I was right the first time.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Blackbird singing in the dead of night

    "Brown hurled her BlackBerry at her [Raymond], cutting her lip and knocking a tooth loose"

    Perhaps the victim should have caught the Blackberry and driven off, thus nabbing all of Foxy Brown's super-secret information, or at least the information that Foxy Brown's PA (a horrible job) had loaded onto the device. At the very least she could receive Foxy Brown's emails, pretend to be Foxy Brown, and become Foxy Brown's nightmare.

    Have I in fact just described the plot of "Poison Ivy 12"? Perhaps somebody could write some of this up and send a script off to the scuzziest, cheapest direct-to-DVD production company in Hollywood. Perhaps the film could actually star Foxy Brown.

  6. Graham Bartlett

    Paris Hilton?

    I'm frankly amazed that the world of journalism (particularly El Reg) hasn't seen the possibility of renaming PH as "Bangkok Hilton". Come on guys!

  7. Dillon Pyron

    You or I

    You or I would be buried in the deep recesses of the jail, being brought sunlight and fresh air in small milk cartons.

    "I'm frankly amazed that the world of journalism (particularly El Reg) hasn't seen the possibility of renaming PH as "Bangkok Hilton"."

    You misspelled (misspelt) Bang cock.

This topic is closed for new posts.