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Dominos UK has launched a text-ordering service, for those who find phoning for pizza too much trouble. The company already takes orders by phone and over the internet - as well as in-store, of course. You do need to pre-register for the service, and create names for your regular orders, which you can then text with minimal …


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  1. M


    How about "RingOfFire" for the one with extra chillis and spicy beef??


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mine will be

    "imafatbastardandneedfoodnow" = one large Pepperoni Passion

    "imareallyfatbastardandneedfoodnow" = two large Pepperoni Passions

    "imafookinfatbastardandneedfoodnow" = three large Pepperoni Passions

    "imafookinfatbastardandsoismyfriendandweneedfoodnow" = six large Pepperoni Passions

    That's my setup sorted anyway - anyone else have any bright ideas?

  3. Russ


    nice idea, nice integration and nice process

    shame Domino's pizzas are a bit crap, and over-priced, really.

    if my local pizza/kebab/chinese/indian takeaway could do this, I'd be about 25 stone in a month

    walking to the phone and then downstairs to open the door is the only exercise I get

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hot Chik Anyone?

    Spicy Pizza Names ;)

    Or a big loaded pizza sort of thing = Fillmyholes

  5. Gary Littlemore

    Simple Pizza

    Whats wrong with a good old fashion 'Margerta', how hard can it be to order one of them?

  6. Rich Gibbons

    Not lazy...

    This helps bring the vision of easily ordering pizza to so many more people.

    I'm a Northerner living Down South and due to the Domino's workers inability to understand me I can only order pizza when near an internet connection or if I'm with a native.

    No longer do I have to choose between an oft dodgy dsl connections or repeatedly shouting "No COKE, not a bloody cork..why would I drink a cork??!!!"...

    Thank you Dominos!!

  7. Ronan Tumelty

    Crap and over-priced...

    ...they may be, but when a friend of yours works there and regularly puts credit on you account, you find that such things don't matter so much.

  8. Ian Ferguson




  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Rich Gibbons

    A native of which country Rich? I haven't had a Dominos order taken by a Native English speaker for many years!

    Although my Polish is getting pretty good now.

    Miłego dnia!

  10. Luke Wells

    The keyword ordering system has been in place for ages

    A few years ago, myself and a friend used to order domino's regularly (before they stated to taste like cardboard with essence of sock), and for a laugh we invented a keyword for our order.

    All we had to do with dial the local domino's say "funky chicken" and 20 mins later a large chicken and bacon pizza and 2 garlic breads would turn up

  11. Tim

    Re: Crap and over-priced...

    Agree totally. Small pizzas with poor toppings for a high price. Over-rated.

    Pizza Hut is not much better and my local has awful service.

    Best ones I find are the regional and local chains or independents. Far bigger pizzas for less price and decent "deals".

    Oh and Internet service at Dominos is worse. Even less deals and higher prices. Crap.

    Other than that, Dominos and Pizza Hut in US which are entirely different to UK where not only do you get 2 or 3 times the size of pizza for half the price but you get proper deals also.

    All of course not a patch on true Italian, but take-away pizza is second best and far better than frozen.

  12. Ross Fleming

    Happened a while ago

    Bit late on this one, didn't it launch over a month ago?

  13. Mark Brown

    good but overly priced

    nice everyonce in a while with fab student discounts, but you can't beat a 12 inch for 2 quid.....god I love being a student.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Bear

    "Suggestions welcome"

    Tittybunhedoneir = Hawaiian (it's an anagram of "The Bourne Identity")

    Youkilledsuperman = Pepperoni

    M97002:Hardcore = Triple Cheese

    IDKFA = Meat Feast

    Writetyper = Level warp

    GBIO RGS = Enter on the high score table for special features

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I think I'll be able to finally use


    and get my two Dominators in 30 minutes.

    Yeah, yeah, I know it would be more like "feedmeseymour" but it looks nicer with all the spaces in ;)

  16. Nick

    Pizza the hut.

    I think I'll set mine to be:

    "A large portion of yes please".

    "Please don't gob in my pizza again".

    "No Hair Please".

    "Send the blonde with her meat feast"

  17. Matthew

    I thought it was just me...

    ...but glad to see others saying Dominos is sh*t and over priced. Having worked for them in the past (10 years ago now wth) I know that back then at least, every pizza cost less than £1.00 in "raw materials".Where I live in Mutley they do a BOGOF on collection but it's £15 for two large pizzas! My advice to anyone local is go to St. Judes Grill. Much better value AND a far superior pizza. They will even take orders over the phone!

  18. Sampler

    RE: Pizza the hut

    "Send the blonde with her meat feast"

    Transsexual special? ;)

  19. shane fitzgerald

    Does it matter?

    ..what codeword you use? Anytime I ever ordered from them I always get the same thing: Base, to roughly the size ordered, with a scant covering of tomatoe and cheese 'paint'. Then about 3% diameter, roughly somewhere near the middle, some random soggy or hard blacky/yellow/red bits......I'd prefer to fart in an empty cornflake box and eat that.... Now newyork pizza in holland is a different story.... ummmmm...

  20. Mark Ellerby


    No need to try not to lose the plot on the phone while ordering your munchies. Someone still needs to answer the door though..

  21. Scott Mckenzie

    I must be lucky

    Apart from the fact few of the delivery drivers at my local Dominos speak english their pizzas are excellent....

    For whoever feels that Pizza Hut are better, you've either got a very good Pizza Hut locally or you have no taste buds left.

  22. Graham Bartlett

    Dominos? Bleurgh!

    I strongly suspect Dominos' pizza sauce is made by feeding someone tomatos until they vomit, and then bottling the result. I can't see how else they'd get sauce that tastes like that. A friend of mine at uni worked at Dominos, and she said that opening a fresh can of sauce required opening a window to stop all the staff hurling. Since I tried a few Dominos pizzas from various outlets and found they were all uniformly foul, I now only eat pizzas from independent pizza places or from upmarket Italian places. The independents have supplied good, bad, and indifferent pizzas, but I've never (even from the late-night kebab shops) had one as downright ugly as a Dominos.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Christ on a bike!

    Some of you guys seem to know an awful lot about pizzas!

  24. Dillon Pyron


    Dominos, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Gatti's. All crap. I buy local. Mangia and Austin Pizza Garden. Mangia will even deliver to Windy Point or Mansfield Dam, although it has to be a big order and they charge $20 for delivery.

    "20bonghits" = 4 large with everything you have in the kitchen

    "alittleextra" = 1 large with pepperoni and some of that special oregano

    Oh, wait, "20bonghits" is 1 lb of Oreos and a gallon of milk.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'll tell you what's wrong with a Margerta

    In response to Gary Littlemore, I'll tell you what's wrong with a Margerta. You can't spell the bl**dy thing, that's what's wrong with it. Try a Margherita instead. <grin>

  26. Luca Spiller

    After a night drinking....

    ...something short and easy to write could be good.

    Re: Crap and over-priced...

    I get 50% at my local as a student, that isn't quite as good as what you get though I don't think, and its only on collection (5 minutes is too far to walk when you are hungry).

  27. pctechxp

    Best Pizza?

    Dominos and Pizza Hut? crap

    Best ever pizza is M&S cheese and tom or Chicken BBQ

    Buy 'em frozen, stick 'em in the oven and they come out lovely and fresh.

    Why would I pay £20 for a crap quality pizza when I can get a fresh one for £4.

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