back to article Jason Bourne disses James Bond

Matt Damon yesterday used the London premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum to roundly dismiss James Bond as a Martini-sipping imperialist misogynist, the BBC reports. Damon declared Bond "anachronistic when you put it in the world we live in today" and added insult to injury with: "Bond is an imperialist and a misogynist who kills …


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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pot, kettle..

    Both are, of course, absolute representations of real life where you snatch any available vehicle and survive at high speed a rain of bullets that wouldn't have looked out of place in a Rambo movie.

    I think it's a bit cheap to diss other movies, especially since Daniel Carig has successfully pulled the whole Bond escapism back from succumbing to gadgetry.

    I like both book series, I like both types of movies. I don't think they compare at all.

    Re: Julia Stiles or Eva Green: why choose? :-)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whos out of date?

    The serial misogynist or the dedicated monogamist?

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Knockin' on Heavens' Doors

    Methinks a Bondsman would rather go on a long stag with Eva Green and Julia Stiles. Virgin Territory to HeXXXXPlore. The Amazonian in Control.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Frippery and surface

    Do I want to go to the cinema for "essence and truth" or "Frippery and Surface"?

    It might come as a bit of a surprise to Messrs Greengrass and Damon but I go to the cinema to be entertained. The Bond movies are wonderful escapism, quite implausible and entertaining. The Bourne movies are equally unbelievable and equally entertaining.

    I assume they are both sounding a bit bitter as there are only 3 Bourne novels, and they've just run out of material for the franchise!

    As a final point : "looking at women coming out of the sea with bikinis on." doesn't sound like a bad lifestyle choice does it

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    James Bond

    James Bond of course. Jason Bourne....(JB)??? As usual the yanks copy something and then claim they've invented it again.

  7. Smallbrainfield


    What a pointless lemon.

  8. jai

    motion sickness

    can we not have Eva Green AND Julia Stiles? together with Angelina and Kate as a quartet of pvc-clad goth vampiresses from the Dr Who discussion?

    anyway, Bond is terrific entertainment. you don't need to think too much and get emotionally involved with the dilema and consence of the character - just sit back and watch the big set explosions and the funky gadgets

    Bourne maybe a more realistic trained psychopathic killer, but not so entertaining. and thankfully it seems Bond films have the budget to afford a steadycam for the cameramen so that the audience isn't afflicted with motion sickness during the action pieces. honestly, at times it's hard to see any action on the screen in the Bourne films because the camera is jerking around so much

  9. caffeine addict

    There's no contest

    It has to be Julia Stiles. And the Bourne films are infinitely more entertaining than Bond films. It's just a shame they're suggesting three will the the end of it.

    Oh and insert the obligatory "what is this, a tech site or a gossip rag" comments... ;)

  10. James Thomas

    Of course...

    Bond is a Martini-sipping imperialist misogynist. That is why we like him.

    The lowest point on the Bond saga was when then they made it too PC.

    And why on earth would you go on holiday with Bourne, a guilt ridden, dead-girlfriend obsessed bore? At least you could go on the pull with Bond :)

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wrong question

    Who would you rather be, Bond or Bourne? No contest there, where's that martini...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What about...

    Franka Potente!

  13. Jeckle

    As if...

    Maybe Matt Damon should be comparing the whiny wuss he portrays as Jason Bourne to the mature Special Ops Assassin that was the Jason Bourne that Robert Ludlum portrays in the excellent trilogy he penned two decades ago.

    I haven't seen an excellent trilogy so decimated by bad directing and acting since Daryl Hannah and co tortured Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear a while back.

    The only things that the movie and the books have in common are the titles. Even the characters are twisted to perversion. In the book Jason's girlfriend doesn't get killed off, instead she becomes a stabilising factor in his life and unlike the pathetic whiny creature played in the 1st movie is actually a really strong character that is forced to take care of herself and at the same time keep him from going crazy.

    Of course when cast a Miss Prissy as your leading man you can't have a strong woman showing what a little boy he is.

    Ahh shame his girlfriend got offed. "Can't look after his women, can he.... " Seems he has more in common with James Bond then he will admit.

    Won't be rushing to see the third one.....

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They dont compare

    Although I like the films I don't really think Bourne is a memorable character he really is quite dull unlike Bond. They really are completely different films, I just think of the bourne films as very well made action films, thats about it. The bond films on the other hand....

    And Bourne is a cock also....

  15. A. Lewis

    I still think bond is the more realistic.

    Although of course the film portrayals are not as in-depth as the book descriptions.

    Bond feels guilt, he gets depressed and morbid, but he tries to be professional. A professional killer has a limited life expectancy anyway, one who languishes in guilt will last no time at all.

    It is because of this short life span that Bond lives the way he does, the most expensive cars, food, the most glamorous locations.

    I agree with previous respondents though: moaning about another franchise at your own premiere makes the star and director sound very petty.

  16. Chizo Ejindu

    Pre Casino Royale, yes...

    Prior to Casino Royale i would actually agree with him, Bond was a gadget-laden sexist mysogynistic dinosaur, a cold-war relic. Casino Royale changd all that with a vengence. Gone are most of the gadgets (no ridiculous invisible cars), the slickness, the slut in every port. In comes a load more realism to the franchise. He gets his arse kicked and almost dies, he falls in love, he suffers tragedy. Typically a Bond film would open with some big set-piece spectaular stunt sequence, CR opened with a brutal hand-to-hand fight in a bathroom. If anything the Bourne films are becoming more ridiculous as he can seemingly have the entire US intelligence network after him and yet he'll end up in their offices searching through their files :P

  17. Steven

    The sound of a director disappearing up his own backside

    "It's about essence and truth"

    Of course it is. Anyway the difference between the two films is that Bond has some comedic relief meaning it appeals to a wider audience. Got to say I prefer the Bourne films.

    As for imperialism, I should point out the sceptics still use miles, gallons etc. so they're as imperial as the Brits ever were. Oh, I think I missed the point there.

    And as for the monogomy comment, Bond wouldn't have lasted for quite so many films if you had to look at the same woman, no matter how beautiful, again and again and again and again and again - look at Brad and Jennifer... maybe.

  18. Gerrit Tijhof

    Sour grapes

    James Bond is an icon, Jason whatshisname isn't. Will never be, as well.

  19. David Eddleman

    Not quite

    "Both are, of course, absolute representations of real life where you snatch any available vehicle and survive at high speed a rain of bullets that wouldn't have looked out of place in a Rambo movie."

    Well anonymous coward, let me fill you in on a few things. Bourne has been shot. Twice. First on the failed attempt on Mumbosi, second time by an assassin in Russia. In the second scenario, he ran through the streets of St. Petersburg, stole a few bottles of vodka and some rags from a shop to use to tend to his wounds, and kept going.

    He also gets bloodied and bruised in hand-to-hand fights. What're Bond's fights like? Jab jab, swing, it's over.

  20. Peter Redding

    The IT Connection

    Is it that James Bond fanboys are as bad as Apple fanboys?

  21. ben

    Team America World Police

    "Matt Damon" LOL

  22. Ian Ferguson


    I fell asleep during the first Bourne movie, while every Bond movie has entertained me from start to finish. Funnily enough, I hear most punters go to the cinema to be entertained.

  23. Iain Cartledge

    Re: Not quite

    Until Bourne gets his lower regions beaten with knotted rope you can't really use the fight argument.

    Both are highly unrealistic franchises, the difference is that the Bourne trilogy started later and so never had to live up to its legacy. Most Bond fans enjoyed the grittier films such as On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Casino Royale. Casino Royale raised the stakes, and unfortunately whilst the books are fantastic, the Bourne films look like all too much Hollywood candy floss in comparison.

  24. Dr. Mouse

    Impossible... compare the 2. They are completely different.

    I have to say that I liked the Bourne Identity. Mainly for the mini car chase (I like minis). But another thing is that it got me reading the books, and they are AWESOME! The film is nothing like, except for the vaguest outline of the story. But still a fairly good film.

    Bond, on the other hand, is a parody. It is not meant to be realistic, it is taking the weewee out of itself. Yes, Bond is a misogynist. It's funny. Yes it's unrealistic, but it's funny. Bond is meant to be entertainment, not a documentary.

    <TONGUE IN CHEEK RANT>You know, I wasn't quite sure about Matt Damon, but now I can clearly see him as the character portrayed in Team America. He is a whiny, self-obsessed idiot, and to criticise another, completely different film series like that is just stupid. He should just stick to shouting "Matt Damon, Matt Damon!", it would be more pleasant on our ears.</TONGUE IN CHEEK RANT>

  25. Adam West

    other way around

    From what Ive read so far, its the Bourne posse that are acting like rabid fanboys.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are you sure he said all that?

    I saw Matt Damon in Team America and he wasn't that eloquent!

  27. jason eariss


    It's only a f****n film.................jesus dancin h christ!!

  28. Dan

    James bond obviously!

    We like James Bond cause he kicks the ass of every country that isn't the uk.

    Jason Bourne on the other hand is busy destroying his own country...

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maaaatt Daaaaammmonnnnnnnn.....

    I like both the Bond franchise and the two Bourne films I've seen.

    However, unless it's in the script, Matt Damon should keep his whining mouth shut, because whenever it opens all I hear is "Maaaatt Daaaaamonnnnnnnn....."

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Neither of them would be any good on a stag night. They are not guy's guys. Bond would have more money than you, and he would attract more women than you, and he would be better than you at everything. He dates from a time and a mindset whereby heroes were our superiors. He would resent your presence and probably let you take a bullet meant for him. He would tut-tut at your incompetence and your inability to understand all the fine wines, and whether it is red or white wine that goes with fish.

    Whereas Jason Bourne would probably try to not get you killed, or at least he would feel remorse if he failed, but he's not a barrel of laughs. He would mope around listening to the Arcade Fire and worrying. He belongs to an age in which heroes were like us, but faster and fitter. I don't want to go on a stag night with a morose loner.

    Of the ladies, Eva Green is clearly psychotic, and will draw a man into no end of trouble; Julia Stiles is boring and mumsy.

    Instead, I would much rather go on a stag night with John Steed. It would be an orgy of polite debauchment.

  31. Chris Thorpe

    Minority of one

    I know it's just me, but I'd like to see a retro, black and white, Bond movie, set in the period when the boooks were written. Like the Third Man, but with more girls and guns.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ the 'Team America/Matt Damon' comments....

    I totally agree.

    "Matt Damon!"


    Those South Park boys really do seem to have modern celebrities nailed!

    Oh, and Bond wins hands-down every time - the character Damon portrays would have been slotted by the 'feds ages would Bond (by the Russkies/Chinese/North Koreans/etc/etc/etc) but who would have had the best life up until that point?

  33. Kim Rasmussen

    The REAL Jason Bourne is and always will be Richard Chamberlain!!! :-)

    And Jaclyn Smith was a fair bit of allright too. :-P

  34. Vulpes Vulpes

    Snorts derisively

    What? "essence and truth"? Jeesus, what a pompous pronouncement.

    FFS do me a favour.

    The Bourne stories are three enjoyable yarns wrung from a single, simple plot idea and strung out over enough pages to ensure the paperback editions will pay for a nice condo in Florida.

    The Bond books are full of neatly detailed observation, delicious dialogue, sardonic humour and a natural cinematic sweep that has led to their surviving even their worst filmic interpretations.

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is this the same Matt Damon...

    ...who sits on the back of luxury yachts, anchored off (for instance) the Cote D'Azur ,sipping on cocktails and such like?

  36. A Duncan


    Matt Helm!

  37. g e

    Bourne again

    Brian Cox is possibly the Bourne's only redeeming feature but things going bang and sneaky people getting duffed up in slickly choreographed fight scenes is always entertaining.

    I invite Matt to watch Casion Royal, though, as is seems like he hasn't watched it. As for calling Bond a misogynist, M already called him that ages ago (misogynist dinosaur) and wasn't that how Fleming wrote the character ?

    Anyway, has anyone else noticed that no other country seems to keep making movies about how their government is always shafting, lying, experimenting, kidnapping, imprisoning, framing, scapegoating and patsying their electorate or is it just me?

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Potente and any other girl who wants to join in

    I always felt Potente was a girl's girl, anyway, so I am available if she wants to drop by. Any Bond girl she wants to bring along will be OK by me, too, although I am too much of a lady to name those I'd prefer...

  39. g e

    Bourne again

    Brian Cox is possibly the Bourne's only redeeming feature but things going bang and sneaky people getting duffed up in slickly choreographed fight scenes is always entertaining.

    I invite Matt to watch Casion Royal, though, as is seems like he hasn't watched it. As for calling Bond a misogynist, M already called him that ages ago (misogynist dinosaur) and wasn't that how Fleming wrote the character ?

    Anyway, has anyone else noticed that no other country seems to keep making movies about how their government is always shafting, lying, experimenting, kidnapping, imprisoning, framing, scapegoating and patsying their electorate or is it just me?

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Money Money MATT DAMON!!!

    It's just publicity!

    He slates the world's best known secret agent to get more people to go see his movie film! MATTTTTT DAMON!!!! Sorry I couldn't help myself!

    James Bond rocks! Matt Damon will never have anything on Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and even Roger Moore, well actually not Roger Moore!

    Give it a few years and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will be staring in.........

    The Hardy Boys!!

  41. bv

    True, so true...

    >>Instead, I would much rather go on a stag night with John Steed. It would be an orgy of polite debauchment.

    How very true, "Ashley Pomeroy".

    And that Emma Peel!!

  42. Law

    shut up

    My dad can beat up your dad.... he knows Karate.

    Oh.... hang on.... I thought I was back in school for a minute..... my mistake.

  43. DoubleD


    It seems that Matt Damon gets very "shaken" when "stirred" up.

  44. Matt Eagles

    Bond or Bourne?

    Harry Palmer was much better. And probably more fun on a stag weekend.

  45. Tom


    The irony of this article was that the BBC article was about how Bourne compliments Bond and includes the full quote from Bourne, stating that there is "a place for both" in the modern world.

  46. Ian

    While <teamamerica>Matt Damon</teamamerica> was fighting Bond

    Bauer would be about to land a 747 on them both.

  47. Chris Collins

    Talentless Mr Ripley

    Matt Damon is an uncharismatic, wooden lump. "I can Method act a zombie". The Bourne films were mediocre in direction, script and style. At least Bond has humour.

  48. Luke Faichney

    Matt Damon

    Have you seen Team American World police??? " Maaaatttt Daaaaamon

    That guy is a friggin' spanner if ever I've watched one.. Albeit with a significant financial advantage over my good self... He is however a glas one spasmo tool!

  49. Tom Peach


    How many times has, or will, a family member say to you "what Bourne movie is on" during Xmas or New Year?

    Run along Damon.

  50. Will Leamon

    Driving Skills

    Bourne rocks in this department. Bond used to but since Casino Royale I wouldn't get in the car with him. He's the only person (real or imaginary) who can get an Aston Martin to flip over JUST BY TURNING LEFT. At least he's not driving a German car anymore. That was pretty damn silly too.

    <Excuse me while I put my flame suit on>

    CR was crap. James freakin Bond playing Texas Hold'em? That just killed the whole sexy mystique of Bond and was an obvious sop to American audiences who think that lottery is some form of poker. Face it Bond and his adversaries would never play a game brought up by cowboys.

    I understand that Bond is a national hero and therefore a religious icon for the UK. A beautiful reminder of when England thought it ruled the world. And I think Damon understood this as well and hence was taking the piss. The man knows how to start a flame war.

    Oh and all of you mentioning Team America (a truly kick ass movie) should see this:

  51. julian

    One Bourne Every Minute

    I like both Bond and Bourne films. Though I feel that Matt Damon's comments are somewhat misguided if not completely daft.

    The Bond films have been going for many years and they seem to follow their (very lrge and worldwide) audiences' appetites (otherwise they wouldn't be making them). Certaily Roger Moore's bond films are not the same as Daniel Craig's

    Matt Damon might have well have said 60's bands are rubbish because they wrote music in the 60's for ther time and audience.

  52. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ....where's Jack Ryan in all of this?

    He'd probably be the guy chasing Bourne down for the 'feds whilst Bond was slotting both of their women (fnarr fnarr) behind their backs.

    All for Queen & Country, mind!

  53. Michael Sheils

    What cares what MAAATTT DAAMMMOON has to say?

    Both Films have there plus points, Daniel Craigs bond is a great re-invention of the tired franchise, and I've just finished watching Ultimatum and I have to say it is by far the best Bourne film yet (and absolutely nothing to do with the book).

  54. Les Matthew

    Re: True, so true...

    Who wants Emma Peel when you can have Pussy Galore?

  55. Matt


    To Will Leamon; the UK didn't think it ruled the world, it did, once.

    Back on topic, I quite like the Bourne Identity, but it's a shame they had to simplify it for an American audience. The RC version was much better in that respect.

    Bond is great, as long as we exclude "View to a kill" and "License to kill" (or whatever the title of the last Dalton one was).

    But for a night out, it has to be John Steed.

    Whatever happened to the man from U.N.C.L.E? Who thought of the name T.H.R.U.S.H for the bad guys (it's a female complaint for goodness sake)?

  56. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Twat Damon!!!!

    Nuff said. He was totally outdone by all of his supporting cast in the first movie - Clive Owen, Chris Cooper - always great in anything he does, Brian (Dr Lecter) Cox and the stunning Franka Potente - mmmm, I would!! and they killed her off!!

    Apart from that, I think the proof is in the pudding in that all the Bond books are great, and that it took the movie franchise 20 or so outings to start getting a little tedious.... and the latest movie has totally bought the whole franchise back to life in a huge way; whereas the Bourne series is just a second rate imitation - and old Twatty Bollocks knows that - hence his comments. I have to say that after his girl takes the bullet in the head in the second one - I was ZZZZzzzzz'ed.

    I'd definately have Eva Green any day of the week. Oooooh that accent in CR!!! Put her in a pair of johdpurs and thigh boots and she could come ride this pony all day long.

  57. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bourne and Bond...

    Matt Damon needs to really think about his audience here. People just want to be entertained. Thats why they go and see movies. Bond and Bourne are different characters, yes. But you don't see Daniel Craig going around dissing Bourne. He has more respect for the art of acting and creation of a film, and certainly has made some better career choices than Matt Damon. In fact, he has positively praised the Bourne movies. I think Matt Damon has been rather unfair to the James Bond series as a whole.

    Bond was born out of the 2nd World War (books) and the Cold War (movies). Bourne was created out of the Vietnam war, and the remnants of the Cold War...and both reinterpreted for now. Bond and Bourne are no more or less relevant than each other to today's political and cultural climate. Bond can think on his wits and skills just as much as Bourne can. Casino Royale is as much a testemant to that as Dr No, From Russia With Love or On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

    And in reality, their skills are equal and matched. Neither have to rely on gadgets. And Damon was innacurate in his statement that Bourne does not use gadgets...GPS trackers, scopes, mobile phone hacking equipment...not gadgets...!!!???

    Matt Damon needs to be a bit more polite. I am looking forward to The Bourne Ultimatum, but he needs to engage brain and be a bit more professional.

  58. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Eye Test?!

    Did Matt Damon or Paul Greengrass actually watch Casino Royale, or any Bond film for that matter? Or perhaps The Ipcress File, or maybe The Day of the Jackal......??????????

  59. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Teresa Di Vicenso


    OHMSS...Bond is married and widowed within minutes...serial misoyginist indeed!

  60. Joe Flynn


    I wonder which PR guy wrote that little tirade for him?

    I agree that Bond is a cock.

    However, Bourne is worse.

    Oh no! Who am I? Wahhhh!

  61. War Monger

    I'd prefer to hang out with the guy who participates in this conversation...

    "Hi! I'm Plenty."

    "I'm sure you are."

    "Plenty O'toole."

    "Named for your father, no doubt."

  62. Froemps

    As long as...

    ...Matt Damon doesen’t appear as Captain Kirk in the next Star Trek movie he can complain about Bond all night...

  63. Kelly Luck

    mmm, Potente....


    I always felt Potente was a girl's girl, anyway, so I am available if she wants to drop by. Any Bond girl she wants to bring along will be OK by me, too, although I am too much of a lady to name those I'd prefer...


    Hear hear! Don't need any misogysauruses lumbering about. I'm-a name names, though:

    Miss MoneyPenny: Oh, come *on*. Poor thing's got to be the most fustrated girl in the UK. There is a cure.

    Whatever character it was Grace Jones played in that one movie: Total butch goddess. I wouldn't last 20 minutes but what a way to go ^.^

  64. Dave Murray Silver badge


    "Bourne is a serial monogamist whose girlfriend is dead and he does nothing but think about her."

    Sounds like a boring twat who needs to get over himself. Makes me glad I've not seen any of the Bourne films, I like films to be fun and entertaining.

    As for the stag weekend... Where's my Martini?

  65. Daniel Ballado-Torres


    I grew up watching the Bond movies, my dad read the books and watched the first movies as well, so Bond became something like one of those "I want to be like him when I grow up" role models. Of course, that is pre-Brosnan, which managed to ruin it all in his last two movies.

    Then Bourne comes, the trilogy must be almost as old as I am but come from a world that is more contemporary to me. Truth is, I liked more the Bourne movies than the last Bond ones (except Casino Royale which was very good), but it could be because of this change of context. (It also helps that Jason Bourne seems to manage better as a rogue agent)

    As for the girls: Julia Stiles is good, but I like Franka Potente even more! ;)

  66. Aubry Thonon

    Multiple James Bond

    "so would Bond (by the Russkies/Chinese/North Koreans/etc/etc/etc) but who would have had the best life up until that point?"

    I vaguely remember a sequence in the original Casino Royale spoof, where M goes to see a retired agent who asks her how the new "James Bond" is going - yep, if a 007 agent gets killed or retires then the new agent inherits the number, the name, the fake back-story, etc... (or at least, they did in the spoof). ^_^

    I always thought it was an elegant way of explaining away the multiple actors.

  67. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ian, can I borrow

    your tags?

    Jason Bourne is a derivative copy of the Fleming character. Admittedly, the modern film versions of Bond have become mired in gadgets and FX, but Casino Royale has changed that. I was sceptical before I saw it, but having done so, I can only conclude that <teamamerica>Matt Damon</teamamerica> either didn't see it or is trotting out the studio line...

    The Bourne films are entertaining and I've enjoyed them in a kind of anti-Bond way, but they're never going be the Bond franchise, no matter how silly the Bond thing was/is/gets.

    Why can't I just enjoy them separately for what they are?

  68. Jon Tocker

    re "Neither" By A Duncan

    "Matt Helm!"

    'kin Oath! Matt Helm rocked!

    I actually like most of the Bond films and the Bourne movies - they are good entertainment with great action.

    I think it's terribly unprofessional of Matt Damon to diss the Bond movies and pointless to diss the nature of the character - Bond is FICTIONAL, ffs! And has been portrayed in a variety of different ways by different actors,

    As to the stag party - I think I have to agree with those who said John Steed... He'd make sure no one missed out on the action

  69. Doc


    ....<QUOTE>jesus dancin h christ!!</UNQUOTE>

    ...finally a religious viewpoint.

    Can't wait to see this get argued next LOL

    Doc from Oz

  70. Tom

    There ARE others

    Derek Flint, Matt Helm, Napeolean Solo (his sidekick was much beter!), even Felix Reiter. All refelct the era in which they were/are filmed. The demise of Q ( Desmond Llewelyn) who was in more bond films than any other person was a shame. As far as things go, the best Bond film is _From Russia With Love_. All of the Bourne films are good, but as usual for these type of films, there is a bit much action (usually because it is easy to translate into other languages). Casino Royale gets back to basics.

    Take your pick.

    Who knows, maybe Harry Potter after the seventh film will become an action hero. Could happen you know!

  71. Spike Ravenscroft

    Its all about the Bond

    Bourne is a serial monogamist whose girlfriend is dead and he does nothing but think about her.

    Man, what a loser!

    Yeah, sure Jason Bourne is better than James Bond. Thats why there are so many Bourne parties.

    I wasnt convinced about Pierce Brosnan but Bond as a concept is great :D

    But neither can beat the man from U.N.C.L.E.!

    Love that show, I've got all the movies on dvd... :D

  72. Mike Bunyan

    And Bourne is just a trilogy

    nuff said

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