back to article Google-funded startup to offer free Wi-Fi in San Francisco

Things are looking bleak for boosters of a plan to bring a city-backed Wi-Fi access to San Francisco. First the American Civil Liberties Union called its privacy protections crap. Then gearheads poked holes in the antiquated technology Earthlink would use to underpin the network. And finally, Earthlink, voicing new doubts about …


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  1. Dillon Pyron


    "reserves the right to track users' domain and host names, IP addresses, browser software and operating system types, "clickstream patterns" and dates and times of access."

    Who do they think they are, Google?

    Looks like a good reason for Tor.

  2. Ben Gibson

    Privacy Policy

    Its kinda scary how much they want to track, its going to be targeted ads invading the city for everyone =(

This topic is closed for new posts.

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