back to article Intel's 'Penryn' to launch 11 November

Intel's anticipated 45nm chip design, 'Penryn', looks set to be formally launched on 11 November, reports citing the chip giant's own website claim. More are coming in Q1 2008. Some seven Xeon CPUs are listed: the 2.00GHz E5405, the 2.33GHz E5410, the 2.50GHz E5420, the 2.66GHz E5430, the 2.83GHz E5440, the 3.00GHz E5450 and …


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  1. Skullz1987


    Being a computer technicain in Penryn, Cornwall. I think that these processors will be a great hit with the locals.

  2. Craig Cruden

    I sense a new Mac Pro refresh (if the prices are correct).

    If the prices are correct, then I see no reason NOT to go with 8-Core Mac Pro from the top to the bottom of the configuration options: i.e.

    3.16, 3.00, 2.66, and 2.00 Ghz models


  3. Pete James

    Penryn to be launched?

    Do the good people of Penryn know they're about to be launched?

    Surely Intel isn't quite THAT omnipotent?

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