back to article Yahoo! tops! Google! on! customer! satisfaction! survey!

A rare bit of good news for Yahoo!: "For the first time ever" - i.e. for the first time in five years - the beleaguered web portal has topped arch-rival Google on a much-discussed customer satisfaction survey sponsored by the University of Michigan. With the University's new report on search engines and portals, culled from …


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  1. Chris Miller

    Exclamation! marks!

    Please! keep! them!

  2. Richard

    Exclamation marks...

    Well, their logo suggests it is the punchline to a joke, their search results are certainly a joke, so why should'nt their news headline making be a joke also?

  3. Chad H.

    Yes! You! Should! Keep! doing! it! Properly!

    Are! You! Or! Are! You! Not! El! Reg!?!

  4. Phillistine

    Exclamation! Marks! Are! Here! To! Stay!

    Please Please keep the exclamation marks. For a million reasons that I can not articulate but one that I can - they put a smile on my face every time I see the headlines. In fact, I wish there was a tool in every editor that would put exclamation mark at the end of every word just so that I can put exclamation marks at the end of every word here. I hope you can accept the bulk delivery of the missing exclamation marks at the end of this message in lieu of having them at the end of each word here.


  5. Sabahattin Gucukoglu

    It's! Reg! Culture!

    It! Must! Continue!



  6. Alan Donaly

    keep doing it!

    It's how we know it's a yahoo story from the register

    and it's appropriate for the stupid Yahoo! name! the

    only thing Yahoo! is good for is email, free email and

    in that area anyway they do beat gmail just because

    the interface is less crowded and more obvious. Search

    wise please yahoo couldn't find it's own ass with both


  7. John Navas

    No! silly! exclamation! marks!


  8. Andy Barber

    Yahoo! #1!

    I have used Yahoo! for e-mail since the day it launched an e-mail service.

    I have seldom used it's 'so-called' search engine, as in the early days (>95,) the results were just poor.

    Yahoo! rocks for email & Calender but for search I use Google.

  9. Chris

    Re: Sequences and Logical Flaws

    IF P1 = The Rake Sequence in Cape Feare works because it is a running joke that is repeated even after becoming boring, so that it once more becomes funny.

    AND P2 = Sticking! Exclamation! Points! After! Headlines! Involving! Yahoo! Is! A! Running! Joke! That! Is! No! Longer! Funny!

    C =/= Sticking Exclamation! Points! After! Everything! will eventually become funny again within the lifetime of this universe.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    E!x!c!l!a!m!a!ti!o!n! M!a!r!k!s! P!l!e!a!s!e!

    N!o!t!e!: I! d!i!d!n!'t! p!u!t! t!h!e!m! a!f!t!e!r! t!h!e! s!p!a!c!e!s! o!r! p!u!n!c!t!u!a!t!i!o!n!, b!e!c!a!u!s!e! t!h!a!t!'d! b!e! s!i!l!l!y!, b!u!t! y!e!s! p!l!e!a!s!e!

    (Note2: can I have a job?)

  11. dave porteus

    it goes without saying...

    it! just! isn't! a! yahoo! story! without! several! unnecessary! exclamation! points!

  12. Dillon Pyron

    How? do? you? handle? Which?

    It's all part of the Yahoo! culture. I've heard from people who work there (not friends, just at a party) that some people there are actually amused by el Reg's Yahoo! headlines!

  13. barryred

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Keep them, I love it! And make sure they go into every title that has Yahoo! in it.

    I've seen a couple of titles that didn't and I have to say I was quite worried the first time because I'd thought they were being removed!

  14. NoCo37

    Why! would! you! ask! such! a! dumb! question!?

    Yes! keep! the! exclamation! marks!

  15. Andy

    Yahoo! Must! Be! Mocked!

    Companies that make up silly neologisms for their names, or use pointless punctuation deserve everything coming to them.

    Except Google, whose name is now a verb synonymous with 'search'.

  16. Simon

    I'm no journalist, but how about spelling the chap's name consistently

    Which is it "Freed" or "Freer" This isn't Shakespeare so stick to one spelling and then we can focus on the important issues like that exclamation mark. On which note why don't you give them a touch of the iberian.....


    with a cheeky ¡Ole! or ¡Hombre! for emphasis

    ¡Go on, you know you want to! After all it is "El Reg"

  17. Colin Sharples

    And, for the love of all that's holy...

    Where! is! the! IT! angle! in! this! story!?!?!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Yahoo Chat has spiraled downwards since Jan 07.

    Now it is barely usable. At least PM's (private messages) work. Chatrooms on the other hand are devoid of life. Unless you count those "ad-bots" and the usual influx of room lockers and flooders and assorted DoS class hijinks. I thought yahoo was a HUGE corporation. You'd think they could fix this?

    Going over to Yahoo's Official Messenger Blog. I think it is rather funny that the “update” posted yesterday had the comments turned off from the start. To me that is funny. You are faced with silly articles on smileys (emoticons) and things like Sudoku with a friend. All the while their real life memebers/customers are screaming for a chat room fix or three! Its been " down " for weeks now. When they posted that the servers where going down on Monday (13th) the question popped into my mind “Who is going to notice?”. As far as most users are concerned they where already down. Its just that no one had pulled the plug.

    Yahoo Chat is Broken.

  19. Mark

    Childish! But! Fun!

    The! Exclamation! Marks! Must! Stay!

  20. Ian Ferguson

    It's their own! fault!

    They chose such a stupid name! So they should live with the results!

    My father, bless his soul, insisted that Yahoo! wasn't working - I found out he was typing in www.Yahoo!.com.

    They chose their name specifically for the website - so they don't have the excuse of B&Q or Toys'R'Us or other pre-internet companies that have had to live with the results.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Keep! The! Exclamation! Marks!

    If ever you dropped the exclamation marks I'd never be able to spot the Yahoo! news articles a mile off - ever again!

    That, and El Reg would lose it's status as being a serious news reporter on matters that really care to the IUT community - like a bloody good laugh!!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Must! Stay! Now! Style! Icon!

    Without exclamation marks, what is El Reg? Those, the sub-headings, and all the rest that you do so well. No respect *is* your brand style. It! Ain't! Broke!

  23. Lickass McClippers

    They! Must! Stay!

    Don't! Let! They! Killjoys! And! Dullards! Kill! The! "!"

  24. Sabahattin Gucukoglu

    Should? Which?

    ... stories? all? have? question? marks? in? their? titles?



  25. Ian

    New CEO Jerry Yang?

    Jerry's the founder of Yahoo! - hardly that new. ;-)

    Sad to watch Yahoo! sink further into the sh*t: this stat has got to be a weird blip on the downwards trajectory.

    I was working there last year, everyone was going insane about Yahoo! Answers and how innovative it was. I couldn't understand why everyone was getting excited about a forum with a search box and ratings. Ho hum.

  26. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    Keep! Them!

    I! think! they! should! keep! them!

    It mocks the stupidity of making the name like that. Though it did give us some kicks when we were doing funny-sounding email addys. I wonder of still exists...

    It kind of looks lame seeing that there is no such thing as Yahoo, as it is Yahoo! Plus, they killed the nice Konfabulator name into a more pedestrian "Yahoo! Widgets" name. Nice way to kill an established presence...

  27. Chris Purcell

    A survey?

    Perhaps you should conduct a proper survey on use of exclamation marks? I'm thinking options like:

    * I'm new here - only just turned up - and what are you guys talking about?

    * I'm new here - only joined yesterday - and I think the exclamation marks are hi-larious!

    * I'm an oldie - joined two days ago - and I'm already bored of that joke. Enough already.

    * I've been here years, and I want to cry every time I see that same, worn-out joke being reused. I can't even escape, since it's on the front page. Please! I love your news. Have mercy!

    * I've been here years, and I still laugh at that joke! I also crack up at Tom Jones every time I read it. I own twenty copies because every time I finish, I want to read it again! Unfortunately, the people at the home won't let me buy it any more, so I guess I'll never have another chance. So don't drop the exclamation marks, or I won't have anything to laugh at, ever again.

    See how unbiased they are?

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