back to article Citrix to reveal XenSource buy tomorrow

Citrix will announce its acquisition of XenSource tomorrow, The Register has learned. In a bid to expand its software management play, Citrix will grab the developer of the open source Xen hypervisor. The deal will give XenSource heftier corporate backing needed to compete against VMware. Meanwhile, Citrix will be able to …


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  1. Jack Pastor

    Doesn't Microsoft already HAVE a virtualization product ??

    MS Virtual server, baby !!! It'll catch up EVENTUALLY !!!!!

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    AI Walk on the Wild Side Chained with Tames will do you no Harm and a Power of Good

    "Doesn't Microsoft already HAVE a virtualization product ??"

    Not one that works for them whenever they put money into IT, apparently.

    It is not as if they are short of a bob or two to Speculate Vividly so obviously they haven't caught the wave/read the Semantics yet.

    You gotta get out more, Bill, M will Understand. :-) She be Busy as a Being 2. Or is Steve missing the Big Picture here?

  3. Nano nano


    It can't really "reveal" something that's already known, can it ?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Doesn't Microsoft already HAVE a virtualization product ??

    It claims it has ...

    Having seen Virtual PC (running XP, I hasten to add) in action on one of our Vista machines I think the chances of it catching up with VMWare (or even Xen, come to think of it) is about as likely as man reaching the Moon by putting his head between his legs and spitting really hard. Or, if you prefer the short form, it both sucks and blows.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft will have a product out ... sometime...

    The problem for customers of virtualization is not doing enough of it! Many customers have been delayed by promises of future products on a roadmap that is not delivered on... and each month they fail to consolidate existing servers and contain net-new servers, they are spending money they don't need to.

    The opportunity cost of waiting for a future product is big in CapEx, OpEx and environmental terms. Don't ponderize, virtualize! :)

  6. Jack Pastor

    Old habits die hard

    I still see IT managers say thing like "I think my apps are important enough to deserve their own physical server." That's actually a quote from an IT manager in a state government office.

  7. Brett Brennan

    And what of the VMWare IPO?

    I wonder if the success of the VMWare IPO that Ashlee covered so well yesterday will influence this sale?

    What's the line on Citrix spinning Xen out almost as soon as they get it to raise some cash?

  8. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    Re: Doesn't Microsoft already HAVE a virtualization product ??

    Oh, Virtual PC?

    I think Microsopht crippled it, as it was made Windows-only after M$ bought it. Not that it was a great product anyway...

  9. Steve Nordquist

    Microsoft funded much of the initial research with grants! But now....

    It is kind of difficult for me to imagine in which space this is sexy.

    Professional products which spoof TPC?

    Windows programs which use the new CPU VM instructions?

    Companies which have computing with two ends, hence end-end computing solutions.

    Wireless gaming mice with truly Global Reach.

    Cellphones which transform into grid networks when they consume a sports drink.

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