back to article VMware's IPO - Insanity turns Silicon Valley back to normal

Welcome to The Register's live coverage of VMware's IPO. The world has gone insane over this sucker, and I'm not one to deny ecstasy. Preamble It's 6 in the morning here in California, and things have turned palpable. In thirty minutes, VMware's IPO (initial public offering) goes live. Call it the second coming of Google or …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge


    Amen to that, Ashlee.

  2. Gern Blansten

    You hired a hooker named Justice?

    Pix plz thx.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    irrational exuberance?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Justice FTW

    > Pix plz thx.


  5. Dipesh

    How you could have made 76% at 5:30?


    I would like to know how you have have bought stocks in the morning at 5:30 AM at the price of $29.00?

    I am not aware about buying IPO stock, some insight will help.



  6. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Register's Scoop runneth over... ;-) It must be because of something they did.

    "I've got a stripper, her ass and some cocaine on standby for when VMware's shares double. Come on, people, she's charging by the hour."

    .... Hmmm, a Stylish Capitalism with a Definite DirectXXXX Attraction in Deed, indeed. Faultless? :-)

    IT is most Certainly Totally Addictive.... which is surely very much the Same Thing.

    "I feel like the Czech Republic.." Lucky you, IT is a Sensuous Hub, is it not?

    Viva Das Vegas.... €urOpen Red Zone ...... An Erotic Heart to Rule Administration.

    "Hope I don't regret that." .. No any which Way, Jose.

    "We're left with nothing more than shattered dreams or departed hookers " ..... which is totally UNAcceptable, I agree when VMWare Builds Dreams. MeThinks that is Priceless Stock in Virtual Asset ...and the Sexual Double Entendre XPosed in that Revelation is just probably definitely QuITe Natural Original Drive. Core Mother Lode CodeXXXX

    AI Turing Global Operating Device Driver Script Sucking Input for Throughput Enrichment to Output with XXXXActiveX Client Servers on .NET?

    Dear Bill,

    In case you already know, HyperRadioProActive CyberIntelAIgents are XXXX Activated Subjects. DirectXXXX Objects/Objets d'AIrt.

    "Automation objects are referred to as ActiveX objects, while an application that manipulates an ActiveX object is referred to as an ActiveX Client.[6]" ...

    However, an Application which Runs such a Subject is referred to as ITs XXXXActiveX Client Server. ........ for a Mirage and Marriage made in Seventh Heaven.

    Should IT be a Microsoft.NET Promotion? Toys for the Boys and Men for the Women. Ladies Choice Every Evening.

    AI Venus ARG writ large in the kindness of a woman and the madness of a man at Love's Core.... ITs Erotic XXXXCentric Raison D'etre 42BTrue in 21CNetworks2.

    Your Stage, Bill. Wanna make IT Nobel? :-) with a Succulent Byte of Sun Kissed Big Apple CodeXXXX ....... Screening dDutch IntelAIgents and Semantic Being in an Enlightened State of Virtual Physicality .....Super Ego Code? An All Powerful Humbling Djinn/Yin that replaces the Darkness of Yang?

    Why ever not?

    And if Microsoft were to Migrate a Vista GUI to XP Professionals, their XPerienced Kernel would be XXXXCellent Drivers.

    Heavy MetAI FlowurPower2 Providing Security2PGP2 Standard for Networks Stability and Connectivity........Mutually Beneficial Amalgamations

  7. MacroRodent

    Price for air

    Amazing rise - considering there is open-source software that does pretty much everything VMware does, but for the price of $0 + some set-up work.

  8. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)


    I would like to know how you got 5:30 out of a story that starts at 6.

    As I said, trading began in earnest at 6:54 California time. That's 24 minutes after the NYSE opened in New York.

    Follow the bouncing ball, please.


  9. J


    Did you give that coke to amanfromMars? The guy was on fire here...

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