back to article Surround sound... with a single speaker unit?

Being pelted by speakers placed at almost every angle has long been, acoustically speaking, the tried and tested way to gain surround sound. Now, US-based Polk Audio has created a single-bar speaker that it pledges will deliver a 5.1 surround sound experience from one location. SurroundBar2 The SurroundBar 50 raises the …


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  1. Grant Mitchell

    Or for those with smaller TV's

    You could look at the Yamaha YSP-1100 for 42" TV's and the 900 for 32" models....

  2. Moo

    Yamaha was working on

    Yamaha was working on such a speaker for tiny Japanese rooms that scan the entire room with infrared and adjust itself accordingly. Not sure if the idea began commercial though...

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