back to article Buffer the Overflow Slayer v. the ActiveX Files

Microsoft's DirectX Media software development kit may be doing a lot more than helping designers give a realistic flesh tone to Lara Croft's breasts. It could also be introducing critical vulnerabilities into a countless number of applications that are spawned by the SDK. That's because the SDK, which streamlines much of the …


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  1. Alan Donaly

    so they still haven't learned

    I believe it would upset me had I used this

    in a game and people were advised to kill it

    and yet it would probably be my fault for

    using an activex control in the first place

    they are all defective.

  2. Jerome


    ...just install Firefox.

  3. Rusty D


    So yet again we see the security problems that having ActiveX components in web sites poses, yet the BBC develops their IPlayer product that relies on you running ActiveX controls (in IE). I signed up for the beta, but have not yet viewed any content because of this very reason.

  4. Gordon Fecyk

    Blame Flash Pix instead of Microsoft? Nahhh

    That would make too much sense now, wouldn't it?

  5. Dave

    balanced risk decision - decide when not to own your PC

    If I elect to install a widget that incorporates ActiveX => take me I'm yours!

    If I avoid all ActiveX => I know I am much safer

    <latin> caveat emptor </latin>

    but ALL developers should be compelled - compelled I say! - to reveal the use of ActiveX in their offerings - it's only fair

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This topic is closed for new posts.

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