back to article Boffins build bendy paper battery

Researchers in the US have developed a flexible paper battery which is about the size of a postage stamp. The concept device works like a conventional battery and can pump out around 2.5 volts, enough power to illuminate a small light. The research team at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York claim the design is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    HUGE battery!

    "...announced in 2005 that it had developed a 0.3m thick battery..."

    Wow, a 30 centimetre thick battery - mobile phones will never be the same again!

  2. Sterling Udell

    Volts are easy

    ...I can generate lots of them just walking across a carpet. So forgive me if I'm not too impressed by 2.5 volts from a postage stamp.

    What about amps? Better yet, what about watt-hours and power densities? Those are what will get my attention - and what they'll need before they can claim to power anything, from a phone to a car.

  3. Michael Sheils

    Enough problems

    Company's (cough *Sony* cough) have enough problems stopping there batteries from busting into flames at every opportunity they get, and now there going to make them out of paper?

    It's the world gone mad I tells ya.

  4. James Minney

    Sudden bursts of energy?

    "but is also capable of producing sudden bursts of energy" - - Is that a nice way of saying what Michael Sheils is talking about?

  5. Tony W

    Typical technical nonsense

    I assume the technically meaningless comment picked up by Sterling Udell comes from their press release, which is no doubt aimed at attracting investment from those who understand about $ and c but not about volts and amps.

    We're always seeing reports about new electrical power sources, whether batteries, fuel cells, or even sub-miniature combustion engines and generators. Goodness knows which if any of them will be practical and economically viable. Still, the bendy paper battery will be ideal to use with the roll-up paper display that we are also promised in the glorious future, especially as that is predicted to require almost no power to operate.

  6. vincent himpe

    * newsflash **

    this just in hot of the press.

    a team of researches has just discovered a brand new , energy efficient way of storing information on paper.

    a plastic or wooden stick like carrying vessel contains a rod of carbon material of a peciuliar softness , so that, when rubbed on paper the carbon remains behind. the other end contains a rubbery substance when rubbed against the previously left behind carbon trail ,erases the forementioned trail thus making the area ont he paper re-usable.

    information can be stored and erase directly using simple hand motions, much similar to manipulating a mouse.

    the advantage is that no electricity or bulky computer is required. estimated reale price will be around half a dollar beringing this top notch technology well withing access of the masses.

    to quote an old paraphrase ..

    printer.sys not found . use pencil+paper.sys ?

  7. matt

    Motorised envelopes

    powered by stamp sized 2.5 volt batteries

    you heard it here first!

    imagine, you are an automatic garage-door manufacturer, looking for a new and interesting marketing angle, step in motorized envelopes (patent pending)

  8. MacroRodent Silver badge

    American NIH

    Invented already in Finland, and there is a company around it:

    Yet another example of how something is not invented as far as the Anglo-saxon media is concerned, unless done in the USA or maybe Britain...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    reinventing the circular transport device

    See also

    Seems that its been seen, done, and that T shirts are available

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