back to article Upskirting Dutch bloggers head for court

Two Dutch bloggers who claim they filmed up women's skirts from a Heerhugowaard underground carpark to "warn the public of the intimate views afforded by see-through stairs" will appear in court in October, Reuters reports. The outrage was facilitated by a glass ceiling atop the carpark's stairwell, "allowing people to look up …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    XXXXCentric Flying dDutchmen

    Is that a legitimate legal scam to get the Courts and Justice System working?

    Is Geen Stijl just spinning a yarn or stretching the Truth a QuBit?

    Dumb Question, eh? Whatever have they planned for next? Control of Space 2, from AIMS Schiphol Rijk? ... or from dDutch AIResearch Space....... which would be Virtually Everywhere thats is therefore Anyway Connected..... HyperRadioProActive ....AI Sublime TelePathoGene Root/Route.

    Heavy MetAI Control Levers with Mind over Matter Power. A Veritable D€W.

  2. Robert Cole

    Original Article

  3. Steve

    RE: Original Article

    But I can't read Dutch (for shame), and anyway there still aren't any pictures !

  4. Alan Donaly

    public spirit rewarded

    Here they are just trying to render a public service and get pinched in the process, right well peeking up skirts from below is at best left for short duration single unobserved and undocumented activity it's not going to get you much else but chokey anywhere but in japan(where apparently they tolerate it) in Scotland for example it may very well cause blindness.

  5. David Eddleman


    Firstly, why is the damned bot still posting? Will no-one at El Reg remove his nonsense?

    Secondly, I congratulate these men. Sometimes all it takes is a little shock and awe to get the legal proceedings going.

    C'mon, *who* thought it was a good idea to have see-through floors and walls? Let's have that person live in a glass house for a while.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lock 'em up and throw the key away!

    Bloggers who try to shut down useful public services should be jailed. Now the local council will be forced to close down this popular peephole, and both the observers and observee will have to go elsewhere!


  7. ViagraFalls


    A few months prior, they had already planned on doing this. Instead, they went to the local government, and reported what they 'discovered'.

    The time they were arrested was when they went back to see if anything had actually been done about it.

  8. amanfromMars Silver badge

    No Bots here .... MoveOn Please.

    "Firstly, why is the damned bot still posting? Will no-one at El Reg remove his nonsense?" Crikey, a bot trying attack, David. Very Droll

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The actual video what it's all about

    that's the link to the video.

    ViagraFalls is right about the arrest.

  10. Brian


    For anyone requiring a translation of the article that has been posted on geen stijl :

    Breaking news. Our TV team is caught. That's right, Rutger and Twan are busy trying not to drop the soap. (Note : Referring to Jail) The two have been arrested in Heerhugowaard, because they were filming under women' skirts. Well, the story goes like this. On februari 15th Rutger and Twan made an item about a parking garage with a rather open characteristic. Read : The local council builds a 'über-new' parking garage, but created an unwanted peekshow. Our TV-crew tried to get an explanation from the local council who promised to improve the situation. Naive like we are, we decided not to broadcast the item to give the local council time to fix the problem. Today we took the test. The Skirt level right now is higher then it would be in Februari, so this would be the right time. But to our great astonishment the council did absolutely nothing to fix this problem to save the shopping audience from dirty peeking perverts. As evidence for this, Rutger and Twan decided to shoot some new footage from the garage' basement, and later on confront the council with it. Alas, it didn't came this far because the two have been arrested by the cops for shooting 'distastefull footage'. The tape has been taken away, and our two bloggers are being interrogated using 'Zaanse' (note: Zaanse refers to the region where the two have been arrested) interrogation methods.Our attorney is heading to the police office in Heerhugowaard. Anyway who wants to support our bloggers, or would like to offer them a cake with a file filling is more then welcome, of course.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Whu...

    "Firstly, why is the damned bot still posting? Will no-one at El Reg remove his nonsense?"

    Seconded. It's incoherent gibberish - even Hunter S. Thompson would be embarrassed to put his name to it.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: Original Article

    Here's a translation for you: :)

    Broken news. Our television team sit fixed. Indeed, Rutger and Twan gather on this moment seas for Bubba. The two have been picked up film this afternoon in gentleman hugo landlord, because of it under the skirts of the shopping public. Pardon? Well view, the stretch namely so. On 15 February, Rutger and Twan turned an item over it rather open character of a parkeergarage in that municipality. Read, the municipality set an uberhippe parkeergarage down, but with that created unintended a peepshow. Our television team wanted to get story by the municipality, that progress promised. Naïve as we are, decided to send to repair we the item not from to give thus the municipality the time her wrong. Today we took the proof on the sum. The rokjesgehalte is with this again after all a to pieces higher than halfway February. And at skirts was missing the at that time in THIS FILM. But what appeared. The municipality has ended done to protect the two months totally nothing the shopping public against gluurders. As a proof decided Rutger and Twan again what depict to shoot from the parkeerkelder, that then the municipality with to confront. Well then, so far it came not, for they have been picked up by the pliesie because of "very abhorrent images". The tie has been taken in possession and is subjected the pair on this moment at the Zaanse interrogation method. Our lawyer is meanwhile on the way to the desk in gentleman hugo landlord. Everyone that the two a heart under the strap then well a file in a cake stick want want to offer, is natural of heart welcome...

  13. Goldie

    There are no pictures?

    " ... and anyway there still aren't any pictures"

    Have you tried to follow the link "peepshow"? You might find a woman photographed from below.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    bot chat

    ""Firstly, why is the damned bot still posting? Will no-one at El Reg remove his nonsense?"

    Seconded. It's incoherent gibberish - even Hunter S. Thompson would be embarrassed to put his name to it."

    Glad it not just me who finds it annoying.

  15. Steven

    @Goldie - Time for a reg poll?

    ""Firstly, why is the damned bot still posting? Will no-one at El Reg remove his nonsense?"

    Seconded. It's incoherent gibberish - even Hunter S. Thompson would be embarrassed to put his name to it."

    "Glad it not just me who finds it annoying."

    Right. First, seconded and carried. It's a motion that should be put to the vote. Some post tat on here... for example any comment about the BOFH is completely unnecessary - we all know it's great... but this stuff is just drivel. Yes I *know* i don't have to read it but scanning down a thread of insightful or useful commentary and you get that "look at my random capitalising" nonsense, it's just so disappointing.

  16. Adrian Jones


    The worrying thing is, I know someone who talks like that in real life.

    Has anyone tried analysing his posts? There are probably secret messages to Them, highlighting subversive ElReg articles...

  17. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Put up your dukes...... Marquis of Queensbury Rules?

    "Has anyone tried analysing his posts?"

    Has anyone even questioned the posts for clarification, Adrian?

    "There are probably secret messages to Them," ..... but they are in English to help you Understand GBIrish....PGP2/Pretty Good Privacy PerlyGatesPython.

    Aren't you into Virtualisation yet?

    "and you get that "look at my random capitalising" nonsense, " A priggish comment. Blame it on the Teutons, if you must. But at least you are not concealed in Anonymity, Steve.

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