back to article Vonage works around Verizon patents

Vonage is still smarting from that legal tete-a-tete with Verizon, but after throwing together a trio of patent workarounds, it's confident that a full recovery is on the way. Today, during an earnings call with inventors and industry analysts, the pioneering voice over IP company said that, thanks to its ongoing patent battle …


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  1. Carl Pearson

    My Eleven Cents Worth

    Vonage has a lot more to do than fix patent problems if they want to keep customers.

    We moved our two lines away back in the Spring, mainly due to the patent problems and fears of losing a long-held number. It took until August for them to admit we had even left them (how one remains a customer without a dial tone never was answered).

    They also delayed allowing the port of our existing numbers to the new provider for as long as possible, so they could keep charging up until the last moment.

    All that could have been forgiven, though, had we ever once gotten an actual, human reply from them regarding the cancellation of the account & the problems porting out.

    It was nothing but canned non-answers, each one appearing to come from a different cubicle clone who didn't bother coming up to speed on the history of the case, preferring merely to click 'paste' and be done with it.

    Getting customers is fairly easy. Keeping them, though, apparently requires more work than Vonage cares to offer. They do present themselves as a cool, hip alternative to Bell, but when it comes down to it they act just like any other monolithic company, uncaring of those who at the end of the day are the only reason their coffers remain full.

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