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Novell's recently unpopular chief executive was doing more than reading from a crudely scripted speech when he told LinuxWorld to get with the program and deal with Microsoft and mixed source. Ron Hovsepian's keynote employed words that would have been considered heresy during the scandal-wearing glory days of LinuxWorld in San …


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  1. Dam

    That eighty percent number is fun


    Eighty percent of PHP applications are built on Windows but are not deployed on Windows, which means lost business and lost developers who'd otherwise help maintain and perpetuate the platform.


    Well well, I don't know... server stability perhaps?

    Integration of PHP into *lame* IIS?

    *lame* IIS itself?

    Or might it be that PHP is a rather "cheap" language, that doesn't require very extensive skills (don't flame, I dev in php) ?

    Cheap language, free server, happy small businesses...

    Who's ever gonna buy a W2K3 license just to host an internal application or whatever

  2. Micha Roon

    Sensible people never sit in the monopolist's seat

    This shows that where M$ is weak they are prepared to compromise and abide by the rules of other players who are stronger.

    I don't see any pros to build my web sites on Windows but apparently quite a few people do.

    The second thing this shows is that while everyone curses M$ for their monopolistic behavior, lots of people envy it and would like to be in their place.

    As Bakunin recognized in his time: there is no such thing as a revolution. People merely switch from being oppressed to oppressing people.

    But I'm glad to see that we have built a system that can cope with the worst cases of monopoly abuse. With enough incentive, yesterday's enemies become today's allies to fight their common foe. The role of the state is to provide a regulated fighting ground.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are Microsoft Execs Really That Stupid?

    If Microsoft want to get with the community then all they have to do is the following:

    1. Stop threatening to sue us for using Linux

    2. Declare whatever patents they think we infringe on

    3. Stop trying to force themselves on every technology or format (OOXML) to continue vendor lock-in

    4. Get rid of Steve Ballmer

    and the community will have no problems with you. Otherwise you are still evil and anyone who deals with you is immoral. (scrubbing Zend from my xmas card list)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Communist or philanthropist?

    Then let them get on with it. I don't want to be shafted by any big corporate and that is why I don't like the way Microsoft does things. If Novell and any other Linux vendors want to follow the money, that is fine by me. They will end up the way Unix went (proprietary fragmentation, incompatibility and ultimate disuse, which is exactly what Microsoft wants to kill off Linux). I will continue to use Open Source and thank God there are enough Linux developers and backers out there with enough philanthropic sense.

    This is why I have dropped SuSE and gone to Ubuntu. Not only have I personally done it but my customers and potential customers will be recommended and operating on Ubuntu and not SuSE. This is one lot of money you are not following Mr Ron Hovsepian as I would rather donate a proportion of my profits to the wonderful and far-sighted Open Source developers than to greedy shareholders.

    It often amazes that some people can live in a world of blinkered bliss while some rich shallow "friend" with murderous intent shafts them from behind.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    God sometimes this place makes we want

    to puke. Mostly it makes me happy, but sometimes I have to hold back the chunks. I can't believe some of the comments on this page. You tools should recognize that technical aspects generally aren't what businesses make their decisions on. There's a lot more to major purchasing or deal making than "lame PHP, IIS" mumbo jumbo. That stuff only applies to the techies and overall has little business relevance.

    I wish some of these people would get off the technology bandwagon.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stop whining!

    I'll follow the money.

    I find it incredible that people out there still view a company like microsoft as evil, and talk of business and software as if it were a war, and that they find little solace in life itself so reside in their own pitiful world of believing that microsoft gives a sh1t about what they actually think.

    You know microsoft doesn't know you. They don't care about you. The market place doesn't know you - you have done nothing universally recongnisable - you haven't built anything yourself worthy of universal appraisal. You haven't grown a company like microsoft and been well respected and rewarded for your efforts. You are as insignificant as me and the other 6 bln people on the planet who also haven't done the same. Get used to it. You aren't famous and relativiely speaking - you are a non achiever.

    Just stop whining about your situation - leave it out. We are all so fckng bored of it!

  7. James Penketh

    I wondered... long until the:

    'you're all insignificant pieces of shit, crawl off into a corner and die' people got here.

    And isn't it interesting that all of them seem to be posting anonymously (or under a screen name).

    Terra, I was going to post a response, but then I realised something. You don't care, because I'm nobody.

    (Hang on, if I'm nobody. And nobody's perfect. Does that mean I'm perfect?)

    Have a nice day, go on. I dare ya.

  8. Tim Bates

    Oh dear

    Some people clearly would make good executives in companies such as MS....

    Puker man (the name I have now assigned you): What are you on about? Any business that ignores what tech types say about technology is going to go broke.

    Do you take your car to a mechanic for advice and then ignore it because how the engine works is not relevant to your business? I highly doubt it...

    Terra: If MS don't care who I am, that's OK. I still won't like or recommend them. I'll still find their products incredibly spastic, broken and annoying. I really don't care if they don't care who I am.

    They aren't getting my money though. And in the end, that's their problem... They don't care about customers. Fatal mistake in business.

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