back to article Vodafone hedges bets with WiMAX Forum membership

Vodafone has signed up to principal membership of the WiMAX Forum, the organisation dedicated to the promotion of WiMAX interoperability and adoption, though it's not giving up on 3G any time soon. WiMAX is a long-range wireless standard designed to operate in licensed frequencies - initially for fixed connections, but evolving …


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  1. Dillon Pyron

    Intel's motives

    "in which it owns key intellectual property."

    Is the IP the chips or the underlying methods? One means they profit from the standard's broader use (the more people that buy the chipsets, the better). The other means they profit from everyone who implements the standard. But at least they would be upfront on this, as opposed to certain others who hid these facts until after the standard was adopted. And were then clubbed down because of this ethically challenged approach. Not naming names, but they used to make QUALity COMMunications products.

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